Michael Jai White Tells Mike Perry ‘This Ends Now’

Mike Perry and Michael Jai White

Getty Mike Perry waits for the start of his welterweight bout against Hyun Gyu Lim at the UFC 202 and

The Twitter war between action movie star Michael Jai White and UFC welterweight Mike “Platinum” Perry has escalated to Perry wanting White to send him his location. Platinum intends to get his hands on the movie star in a pro fight or even in the backyard of UFC president Dana White (no relation to Michael Jai White). Michael Jai White has different plans, however, and that’s to squash the beef.

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Things really intensified when Michael Jai White made an offer: “I got no time for playground callouts Brother but holla when you come thru and maybe I’ll have time to give you a personal demo. Just DM me Bro. It really ain’t that hard!”

Platinum accepted the movie star’ offer by tweeting back:

“Let’s make it happen captain [Michael Jai White,] you wanna dm , send location.”

After that, Perry turned up the intensity with a formal invitation to brawl:

“What’s your world class rank ? I’m the real deal. I know it. I leveled up the intensity of the whole sport soon as I hit the world stage. You fight on playgrounds in your movies. Fight me in a pro fight and let the world watch.” He ended the tweet by tagging Dana White’s backyard.

Well, the action movie star has changed his tune. This morning, he answered Perry’s request with a disarming tweet.

“Read [Platinum’s] response and saw his past threats to [Brendan Schaub] and others. Now I get it! I’m sorry I ever responded & wish him nothing but the best! This ends now. Honestly, be well MP!”

Michael Jai White has declared that their Twitter beef ends now. In his tweet, he points to Perry’s history of stirring up drama between himself and other notable figures. Michael Jai White mentions Perry’s and former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub’s conflict that took place in 2018. Brendan Schaub, who is now a successful podcaster, criticized Perry in a podcast. Platinum called Schaub a “p—y” and that he needed to “stay on the sidelines,” because he “quit doing this s—t.”

So, it appears that Michael Jai White has waved the white flag and it is safe to assume that fans will not be buying a pay-per-view with these two headlining it.

But, when fans thought the battle was over, Platinum answerered Michael Jai White with a racist remark. Click here to read the next article that covers Mike Perry’s racial slur.

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