NFL Playoff Schedule 2020: NFC-AFC Divisional Round Games & Dates

Seahawks vs. Packers Spread

Getty The Packers host the Seahawks in the Divisional Round.

The final eight NFL teams have punched their ticket to the Divisional Round as the NFL playoff schedule is set for the upcoming weekend. Things will start in the NFC as the Vikings and 49ers kick off the next round at 4:35 p.m Eastern on Saturday, January 11th. Fans will then get treated to Lamar Jackson in primetime as the Ravens host the Titans at 8:15 p.m.

Patrick Mahomes will look to outduel Deshaun Watson as the Chiefs take on the Texans. Things on Sunday start at Arrowhead Stadium at 3:05 p.m. Eastern. The round concludes at Lambeau Field at 6:40 p.m. on Fox as the Packers host the Seahawks. The Seahawks-Packers have tended to give us some epic matchups over the years and this postseason should be no different.

Lamar Jackson is the favorite to win the NFL MVP award but the quarterback is still looking for his first playoff win. Jackson had an up-and-down performance against the Chargers in his debut in last year’s playoffs.

“That game still motivates me,” Jackson told ESPN. “I still haven’t played my second playoff game yet. … That game is over with. We’ve been having a great year this year. We just got to keep it going. I want a Super Bowl. I’m not worried about that. That was my rookie season.”

Two No. 6 Seeds Advanced to the Divisional Round

It is a bit of a unique year as both No. 6 seeds pulled off upsets in the Wild Card round to advance to the Divisional Round. The Titans and Vikings are still alive and both will continue to be underdogs next week against the two No. 1 seeds. Derrick Henry had a monster game against the Patriots and will look to do the same in Baltimore.

“That’s the way we like it. … We don’t want it easy, we want it greedy, we want it dirty,” Henry explained, per ESPN. “That’s the mentality we’ve got to have. My main focus is finishing each and every drive on all three phases. Don’t give up on each other, believe, communicate while we out there, what we’re seeing so we can make adjustments as a team. … Keep striving and finishing the game.”

Kirk Cousins came up big in overtime to help the Vikings punch their ticket to the next round.

“I appreciate the question, but I’m just glad we won a playoff game,’’ Cousins said, per Star Tribune. “I just do my part. We won the game today because we played great defense, we got a turnover, we had great special teams, we had great play-calling, we had a great plan. We protected, we ran the football, we probably had 35-40 rushing attempts. There were a whole lot of reasons we won the game. Does the quarterback play a role in that? Yes, but it was a team win.’’

Here’s a look at the NFL playoff schedule for the Divisional Round.

NFL Playoff Schedule 2019-20

Sat., Jan. 11 NFC Divisional: 6 Vikings vs. 1 49ers 4:35 NBC
Sat., Jan. 11 AFC Divisional: 6 Titans vs. 1 Ravens 8:15 CBS
Sun., Jan. 12 AFC Divisional: 4 Texans vs. 2 Chiefs 3:05 CBS
Sun., Jan. 12 NFC Divisional: 5 Seahawks vs. 2 Packers 6:40 Fox
Sun., Jan. 19 AFC Championship 3:05 CBS
Sun., Jan. 19 NFC Championship 6:40 Fox
Sun., Feb. 2 Super Bowl LIV (Miami) 6:30 Fox

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