Ken Stabler’s Daughter Blasts Hall of Fame After Raiders Snubs

ken stabler

Getty Ken Stabler's family.

2020 marks another year that the Raiders are furious about the Hall of Fame’s decision to keep Tom Flores and Cliff Branch out once again. Branch has long considered one of the greatest NFL players to not get into the Hall of Fame and his passing in late 2019 should’ve woken voters up to the fact that he deserves the honor. The Flores omission was especially egregious considering that Bill Cowher got in before him. While Cowher was a great coach, his resume isn’t nearly as strong as Flores’.

This has led to some questioning Pro Football Football Hall of Fame President and CEO Carl David Baker. Kendra Stabler Moyes, the late Ken Stabler’s daughter, absolutely put him on blast after it was revealed that neither Branch nor Flores were elected.

“Will never forget sitting in the room with my Dad’s HOF class and him looking at @KimRossBush and I and saying  ‘Posthumously inductees do not get a ring or a jacket’ such a slap in the face. We offered to buy my fathers ring and jacket that he earned and was told firmly No.”

Based on what Moyes is saying, if Stabler would’ve received his Hall of Fame ring and gold jacket while he was alive, the family would’ve been able to treasure those heirlooms for generations to come. However, since he was elected after he passed, the family doesn’t get anything. Stabler’s daughter wasn’t finished.

“And a little fun fact while we are at it. They sold out of everything Stabler HOF; apparel, etc. which they produce for each inductee. A portion of the profits is split between the class… we never received that either… it’s not the money, it’s the principle.”

It seems bizarre that the family of a deceased player doesn’t receive anything when they’re elected to the Hall of Fame. It’s something that the NFL should look into rectifying because a player’s achievements don’t cease to exists once they pass away.

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Howie Long Thinks Tom Flores Should Get In

The decision to not put Branch or Flores in the Hall of Fame is incredibly disappointing for many. Branch won three Super Bowls as a top contributor for the Raiders and his stats stack up well with a number of wide receivers who are already in the Hall of Fame. If you compare Branch with Lynn Swann, the former had a much more prolific career.

Howie Long knew Branch and Flores well and his son, Chris, took to Twitter to reiterate that his dad thinks the men should be in the Hall of Fame with him.

Flores’ resume speaks for itself. He’s the first minority coach to win a Super Bowl and he won two of them. He also won one as a player and an assistant coach. However, his wins as a head coach should be enough to get him in. He will get the call one day, but it should’ve happened years ago.

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