Saints’ Michael Thomas Gets Into Heated Twitter Feud With NFL Analyst

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas must still be feeling some type of way after losing to the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL playoffs Wild Card round on January 5. Following Minnesota’s NFC Divisional defeat against the San Francisco 49ers over the weekend, the 26-year-old was quick to fire off some tweets regarding the outcome and as a result, found himself in a heated exchange with a New Orleans-based sports reporter.

It all started when Thomas tweeted “That’s what y’all get” minutes after the final whistle blew.

WWLTV’s Andrew Doak then posted a not-so-subtle subtweet directed at the three-time Pro Bowler, and from there all hell broke loose.

“If your team was eliminated from the playoffs, it’s usually not the best idea to talk smack all day on Twitter to the team that sent you to your couch for the rest of the season,” Doak wrote.

The tweet appeared to rub Thomas the wrong way, as he quickly shot back at Doak, calling him a “goofy.”

In an attempt to subdue any future conflict, Doak praised Thomas for his record-breaking season, but then suggested he take the loss with humility. That didn’t sit too well with Thomas, leading the Ohio State product to tell the reporter to “know your place.”

Doak them calmly wished Thomas “Goodnight,” but not before offering to speak to him in person at some point in the future.

In a now-deleted tweet, Thomas then threatened to “pop” Doak in the mouth. That didn’t elicit any rebuttal from the journalist, which is perhaps a good thing.

Thomas Played the Entire Wild Card Game With a Broken Hand

In the incessant trolling of his NFC foes, Thomas also casually shared that he played the entire Wild Card contest with a broken hand, comparing his seven catches to that of the one from each Vikings receiver.

The Los Angeles native didn’t specify when his sprain originally occurred, so it could have happened during the game or in previous weeks. Regardless of when it happened and how this campaign ended, it’s safe to say Thomas had a remarkable season in the Bayou. He set the record for most catches in a season with 149, breaking a previous record set by Indianapolis Colts legend Marvin Harrison. Thomas also recorded 1,725 receiving yards and nine touchdown catches.

The Saints finished 13-3 on the season and lost to the Vikings 26-20 in the Wild Card round.

Thomas Is the NFL’s Highest Paid Receiver

They say if you’re good at something, never do it for free. In Thomas’ case, the Saints are cashing in on the wideout’s talents. In July, New Orleans and Thomas agreed to a 5-year, $100 million extension with $61 million guaranteed.

Back then, he was just one of many star athletes holding out for a lucrative extension. If you ask any Saints supporter or fan of the game in general, Thomas is worth every dollar spent to keep him in the black and gold. Prior to his hefty payday, Odell Beckham Jr of the Cleveland Browns was the league’s highest paid wide receiver, earning an average of $18 million per season.

Drew Brees might be nearing the end of his storied NFL career, but Saints fans can take solace in knowing they’ve got a new star in the south who is ready to bring another Super Bowl to the Superdome.

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