Jorge Masvidal Reveals Condition for Putting ‘BMF’ Belt on the Line

Jorge Masvidal

Getty UFC BMF champ Jorge Masvidal

Popular UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal enjoyed a stellar 2019 campaign, but the 35-year-old from Miami is planning to make his 2020 run an even better one.

While the UFC “BMF” champion previously told reporters in the immediate aftermath of winning the title against Nate Diaz at UFC 244 in November that he wouldn’t be willing to put his “BMF” belt on the line in future fights, Masvidal told Heavy there is one way he could see himself fighting for the same belt again in the future.

“Well, the way I see it, is that I’m a gambler in there,” Masvidal said. “And if somebody wants to put something up for it…”

Masvidal said the “BMF” title wasn’t something he’d put up for grabs without being able to win something back in return.

“They got to bring, you got to have some type of collateral or something,” Masvidal said.

So any of the various fighters potentially targeting Masvidal for their own “BMF” title fight against the surging welterweight MMA star would have to have something just as valuable to stake in the fight.

Likely opponents include Irish superstar Conor McGregor, UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman and Diaz.

Potential ‘BMF’ Bet Not Just Masvidal’s Decision

But Masvidal also told Heavy that it wasn’t his decision to make alone. In fact, it sounds like Masvidal already gifted the belt to his father, who would also need to be consulted before any potential bet for the belt could take place.

“I gave that belt to my best friend, my partner in crime for a long time, my pops,” Masvidal said. “So I’d have to sit down and talk with (him) and be like, ‘Well, what are we going to do? But he’s a gambling man, too.”

So any chance McGregor, Usman, Diaz or any other UFC fighter who wants the privilege of fighting for Masvidal’s hard-earned “BMF” belt will need to have something Masvidal and his father want to win in return.

“He’s going to have to come up with some type of collateral and that’s it,” Masvidal said. “And then we can bet it.”

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Masvidal’s Profile Reached New Heights in 2019

Masvidal, 35, didn’t even compete during 2018 but roared back last year to nab three fantastic finishes over some of the best opposition the UFC had to offer. It was just eight months of work, but Masvidal’s stellar 2019 helped the fighter become Fighter of the Year according to CBS Sports and many other top publications.

First, Masvidal traveled overseas to stop Darren Till in London in March. Next, Masvidal scored the fastest knockout in UFC history against brash undefeated braggart Ben Askren in July. Finally, Masvidal defeated Diaz at UFC 244 via stoppage in October for the first-ever and UFC “BMF” title.

Masvidal’s business interests outside the Octagon have also grown considerably. The fighter recently announced part ownership in Recuerdo Mezcal, a popular distilled alcoholic beverage from Mexico made from agave. According to Masvidal, who also serves as the brand ambassador for the product, Recuerdo Mezcal will be initially available in Texas, California, and Florida with plans to roll out nationwide over the coming months.

So Masvidal’s 2020 already appears to be going great. He’s grown into one of the most popular MMA stars in the world, and he’ll now even rival UFC star McGregor’s Proper Twelve Irish whiskey enterprise over the coming months, too.

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