Colts Headline Top-5 Landing Spots for Philip Rivers in 2020 NFL Free Agency

Top-5 Landing Spots for Philip Rivers in 2020 NFL Free Agency

Getty Quarterback Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers’ 16-year tenure with the Los Angeles Chargers has officially come to an end. On Monday, the team announced that they and Rivers have mutually agreed to part ways, meaning Rivers will indeed hit the open market for the 2020 Free Agency.

While Rivers could very well decide to hang up his cleats and call it a career, we’ve taken the liberty to look at the top options he’d have to choose from, if he decided to continue his playing career for another season or two.

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Top-5 Landing Spots for Philip Rivers

  1. T-5) Offseason Fallout: Saints/Patriots/Titans

Drew Brees is contemplating retirement, Tom Brady is ready to entertain other Free Agency offers, Teddy Bridgewater is likely to land a big contract, and Ryan Tannehill should stay in Tennessee, but the money may be too good to pass down somewhere else.

Depending on what happens with all those names listed above, the Saints, Titans, and Patriots could all entertain the idea of handing the keys over to Rivers for a year or two as a stop-gap solution at quarterback, while still contending for postseason goals. However, with that said, from a fit perspective, Rivers would likely not be any of these teams’ first-choice.

4) Miami Dolphins 

As we all know by now, Rivers moved his entire family to Miami just a few weeks ago. We also know that the Dolphins have been in search of a quarterback, really since the Dan Marino days. On paper, this seems like a match made in heaven, one that should be the clear-cut first-choice option on our list. However, there’s one issue, Ryan Fitzpatrick still resides in the 305, and he’s likely not going anywhere, as long as he and the organization get their way.

In reality it makes sense, Fitzmagic played spectacularly down the stretch this past season, yet he’s still perceived in a certain way that at any point next season if the Dolphins decide to pull him in favor for a younger signal-caller, there will be little-to-no push back, something that likely couldn’t be said were it Rivers under center.

3) Washington Redskins

The Redskins have done very little to show support for their young “starting” quarterback Dwayne Haskins. With the team’s VP Doug Williams going as far as to point out that they’ve “got a new coaching staff and they’re not married to him.”

So if the ‘Skins do decide to go the veteran quarterback route, instead of going the mediocre route of playing Case Keenum or Colt McCoy, or relying on Alex Smith attempted a miraculous comeback from injury, how about roll with Philip Rivers? He’s still clearly a better option than all those names listed above, including Haskins. Washington also possesses one of the better young trios of wide receivers in football with Kelvin Harmon, Steven Sims Jr., and Terry McLaurin.  

2) Indianapolis Colts

As the Colts GM has let us know, the “jury is still out” on Jacoby Brissett. From a strict football perspective, this is likely the best situation Rivers could find himself in for the 2020 season. The Colts were a playoff-worthy team prior to Andrew Luck’s abrupt retirement a season ago. They have a stellar run game led by Marlon Mack to help take the pressure off Rivers. Plus, a slew of tight ends, and up-and-coming receivers.

If Rivers’ last goal in this league is to make one final Super Bowl push, Indianapolis may be the best destination for him to do so.

1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is my favorite fit, and arguably the most realistic. Jameis Winston wants to be paid like a superstar, something he is clearly not. Coach Bruce Arians has a reputation of working with, and getting the most out of, veteran quarterbacks. Most notably, coaching Carson Palmer to a career resurrection in Arizona.

Giving Rivers a wide receiver tandem of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin will undoubtedly extend his career. However, the main reason why this move is so realistic is simply location. Rivers recently moved his entire family to Miami, Florida. With the Dolphins and Ryan Fitzpatrick both stating they want a reunion in 2020, Tampa Bay becomes the next closest/realistic destination for Rivers.

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