Wideout Prospect Draws Calvin Johnson Comparison After Combine Performance

Chase Claypool

Getty Chase Claypool celebrates a touchdown.

Calvin Johnson tore up the NFL Combine years ago with an eye opening performance, and since then, few players have managed to duplicate what Megatron has managed to do until now.

During the 2020 NFL Combine, Chase Claypool of Notre Dame stepped up and managed to match the numbers of Johnson during his on field drills. It was semi-stunning to see just how closely the numbers aligned and how similar the prospects could be in the grand scheme of things. Arguably, Claypool matched Johnson in plenty of ways not just in his own measurable but what he was able to do on the field.

Here’s a look at the numbers that show just how closely related Claypool and Johnson are after their work in Indianapolis in different years:

Claypool knew what he had done was something that was quite astonishing, and posted about it on Twitter in the aftermath of the story blowing up.

Clearly, it’s going to be a huge story to see if Claypool can have the fanfare of the Detroit Lions megastar moving forward. He’s going to have a big shadow to live up to.

Chase Claypool Notre Dame Statistics

Claypool enjoyed what was a productive career in South Bend, putting up 2,159 yards and 19 touchdowns. Even such, many wouldn’t admit they saw this type of freakish outburst coming given what Claypool was able to do through the years at Notre Dame. At times, he was overlooked in his own offense, but it doesn’t change the fact that the numbers say he is supremely talented and could have the perfect, ideal body for the NFL given how he tested at the NFL Combine.

Now, the challenge for Claypool will be finding a way to match what Johnson was able to do in the NFL for a decade as one of the toughest and best wide receivers around. If he can have half the career Johnson did, it will be a smashing success.

Calvin Johnson Lions Statistics

Since he came into the league with the Lions in 2007 after his work in the NFL Combine, Johnson wasted little time putting up great plays and amazing statistics. In his career, Johnson put up 11,619 yards and 83 touchdowns and more than that, was a human highlight reel unlike any other receiver on the list. Out of Georgia Tech, Johnson was labeled as one of the freakiest players in the draft and he lived up to that distinction in the NFL.

Johnson shattered Rice’s record of 1,848 receiving yards during the 2012 season and was a stable force for the team, often playing through pain and discomfort on the field. He walked away following the 2015 season, leaving a gaping hole in Detroit’s wideout group. Since, Johnson has been embroiled in a feud with the Lions for the last few seasons over money that the team made him pay back upon retirement.

On the field, few players played with the edge Johnson had and that was due to his physical tools. Now, Claypool will have to see if he can follow in the footsteps of Megatron.

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