NFL Analyst Compares Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes to Warriors’ Steph Curry

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Getty Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs

Three-time NBA Champion Steph Curry has been noted as someone that has changed his sport. Over the past five years, the reason why the Golden State Warriors have won so much is because of Curry.  His ability to make shots on any part of the floor makes him very dangerous. He has been dubbed the greatest shooter the game has ever seen.

“I might be delusional,” he said, “but I feel like I can get better at putting the ball in the basket.”

Curry’s teammate Draymond Green believes he can ruin a teams’ defensive scheme without touching the basketball.

“Steph can completely ruin an entire team’s defensive possession and not touch the ball,” said Golden State forward Draymond Green via Ben Cohen of the Wall Street Journal.

“You see him running to an open shot, and all of a sudden, two defenders are chasing him, leaving someone else wide open. It’s really hard to explain or even fathom, but the gravity that Steph has on a basketball court is second to none.”

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Howie Long Compares Patrick Maholmes to Stephen Curry

Before the Kansas City Chiefs went on to capped off the hundred NFL season by beating the San Francisco 49ers (31-200 led by Patrick Mahomes. NFL Hall of Famer Howie Long compared Patrick Mahomes to Steph Curry.

“I’m not sure that it’s the fact that his dad was a professional athlete. He is so poised at such a young age, its the right head coach, the right mentor, it’s the right system. He is the most unique guy at that position there are guys, who have elements of what he does, but they don’t have all of what he does,” said Long. His ability to extend plays, his ability to be off-platform throw from different arm slots,  its [Brett] Favre, [John] Elway it’s a little bit of that, I think he is going have the same kind of impact Steph Curry on young point guards on young quarterbacks coming up.

Former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson thinks Mahomes is a very talented quarterback.

“He may be the most talented quarterback I have ever seen. I look at all the different attributes, leadership, decision-making arm strength touch on the football everything. Watching him in practice, he was so calm, so confident a lot of quarterbacks are mechanical 1,2,3, throw the football. Not Mahomes, he just slides back into that pocket and whips it underhanded, overhanded. He is so talented it unbelievable,” said Jimmy Johnson.

Like Mahomes, Stephen Curry is a second-generation professional athlete as his father played in the NBA for 16 seasons. Both Mahomes and Curry have been able to win regular-season MVPs and now at least one league championship, but unlike Mahomes, Curry hasn’t been named Finals MVP just yet.

Curry has been out most of the 2019-20  season with a broken left hand.

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