Eagles Insider Says ‘Too Many Leaks’ Hurt Team Chemistry

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Getty The Eagles have improved their roster through free agency and hope to begin the 2020 season on time.

The Eagles found themselves at odds with each other after “anonymous sources” almost derailed their season. That stuff has to stop, according to their hype man.

Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro wrote a telling column on Wednesday that delved into the characteristics needed to ensure a winning football team in 2020. Among his top stated areas of improvement were energy, competitiveness, chemistry, versatility and physicality. All valid points, yes.

But it’s how he described chemistry affecting the locker room last year that had some outside the organization scratching their collective heads. Spadaro specifically referenced “too many leaks” and “stories quoting anonymous sources” as being catalysts for their chemistry issues in 2019.

Spadaro is one of the most knowledgeable guys on the Eagles beat. He gets compensated from the team to put a positive spin on things. His opinion wasn’t wrong — remember, those “anonymous sources” were the reported musings of Alshon Jeffery as told to ESPN’s Josina Anderson (the same Josina Anderson who blocked this reporter on Twitter) — but maybe the comments were a bit too controversial for the Eagles’ official website.

Bleeding Green Nation‘s Brandon Lee Gowton was the first to notice Spadaro’s comments and shared them on Twitter. Spadaro originally wrote:

Since then, well, the swimming has not been as simple. There have been too many “leaks.” The stories quoting “anonymous sources” don’t help anything to do with this team. That stuff has to stop. The Eagles need to build a locker room that is working together with the coaching staff and the entire team.

Later in the day, the story was revised and the parts about leaks and sources were removed. It simply read:

Since then, well, the swimming has not been as simple. The injuries have mounted. The Eagles have had to change the roster on the run. It isn’t been ideal, but the team has been able to adjust and make the postseason in each of the last two seasons.

Spadaro: Doug Pederson Should Ignore Critics

Dave Spadaro has morphed into a mythical kind of character in Philadelphia sports. He pounds the drum loudly when the Eagles win and offers up amazing insight throughout the football season.

Remember, Spadaro was the guy leading and emceeing the glorious Super Bowl parade on Feb. 8, 2018. He attempts to be fair and balanced but he does work for the team. It’s a tight-rope he walks well.

In a recent column published in the South Philly Review, the long-time Eagles scribe put out a call for fans and media to stop criticizing head coach Doug Pederson. His points? That Pederson has guided the franchise to the playoffs three times and a Super Bowl crown three years ago.

He also pointed to the fact the Eagles overcome a slew of injuries to reel off four straight victories in 2019 and win the NFC East. In Doug We Trust.

Who would possibly doubt Pederson at this point? Hasn’t he done enough to convince everyone that he’s among the NFL’s best head coaches?

Yet, there are critics. Pederson’s coaching staff has taken on a makeover, and as part of that he won’t have an official offensive coordinator in Philadelphia. Pederson definitely calls the shots. This is his coaching staff, and he made sure once the 2019 season ended to look far and wide for new faces bringing in new ideas to the Eagles on both sides of the football. It took some time. Not having a “standard” structure has taken some folks by surprise. There aren’t a lot of “big” names from those added to the coaching staff.

And none of that matters one bit.

It’s all true. The Eagles don’t have a traditional offensive coordinator and Pederson does call the shots in Philadelphia. Can this unorthodox collaborative coaching staff get the team back to the promised land?

That remains to be seen but maybe everyone needs to borrow an old Sixers’ line and “Trust the Process.”

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