Jerry Jeudy’s Necklace: Why Does WR Wear Star of David?

Jerry Jeudy Star of David

Getty Jerry Jeudy's Star of David necklace has created headlines.

Jerry Jeudy is not Jewish but surprisingly wears a Star of David necklace. Jeudy’s reason for the necklace is related to his nickname of “Jeu” as he explained at the NFL Combine.

“Because some people call me ‘Jew’ because of my last name,” Jeudy explained, per “So, I had a jeweler make it up. I’m not Jewish, though.”

The response to Jeudy’s comments has been mixed as some found the receiver’s reason to be offensive. Jeudy later offered an apology on Twitter noting he meant “no disrespect.”

“Don’t mean no disrespect to the Jewish people! I’m sorry to the people who take my chain offensive!!” Jeudy explained on Twitter.

Not everyone found Jeudy’s comments about the necklace to be offensive. Banner Society’s Alex Kirshner offered his support for Jeudy to continue wearing the necklace.

“The NFL Combine is abuzz today because Jerry Jeudy apparently pulled out a Jewish star necklace and said he wears it because his nickname is pronounced ‘Jew.’ I’ve talked to the Jewish subcommittee and we agree this is excellent,” Kirshner tweeted.

Fans Noticed Jeudy’s Necklace During Alabama’s Citrus Bowl Matchup With Michigan

The NFL Combine is not the first time we have seen Jeudy wear the necklace. Jeudy also created a stir during the Citrus Bowl between Alabama and Michigan. The Star of David has a rich history with Judaism as detailed.

The double triangle of the Star of David (Magen David) symbolizes the connection of both dimensions of G‑d, Torah and Israel: the external level of the soul connects to the external expression of G‑d via studying the exoteric parts of Torah; the essence of the soul connects with G‑d’s essence through the study and application of the teachings of Kabbalah.

While admitting he is not Jewish, Jeudy has not discussed if there is a particular religion that he follows. Jeudy did thank God in his statement declaring for the NFL draft.

“I want to give thanks and praise to the Most-High, through God, anything is possible,” Jeudy said in the statement. “The journey at the University of Alabama has been an amazing experience.”

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban Praised Jeudy’s Decision to Play in the Team’s Bowl Game

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Despite likely being a first-round pick, Jeudy opted to play in Alabama’s bowl game and left college football on a high note. Alabama head coach Nick Saban praised Jeudy’s decision to play in the Citrus Bowl.

“For Jerry to go out there and play the way he did and be the MVP of the game and have over 200 yards, certainly he used this opportunity to showcase his ability,” Saban said, per 247Sports. “So, it probably even enhanced his opportunities at the next level.”

Jeudy has a chance to be the top wide receiver selected in the 2020 NFL draft. It will be interesting to see Jeudy’s performance at the NFL Combine and how it impacts his draft stock as April approaches.