Anthony Davis Sounds off on Kawhi Leonard Joining Clippers Over Lakers

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Getty Anthony Davis & Kawhi Leonard.

When Kawhi Leonard decided to scorn the Los Angeles Lakers and join the Clippers with Paul George, it sent shockwaves across the NBA. The league had been dominated by super teams for many years and it looked like the Lakers were going to be the next one. That obviously didn’t happen and now it’s anybody’s guess which team is going to hold up the Larry O’Brien trophy at the end of the year.

While Lakers fans certainly aren’t happy with Kawhi’s decision, Anthony Davis thinks it was good for the NBA.

“At the time, when it was going down before he decided, you think about what the team could be, the defensive mindset we could’ve had, the scoring ability we could’ve had,” Davis said at a press conference during All-Star weekend. “Me, [Kawhi] and LeBron is obviously something that teams would fear. All I’ll say is that I think he made the league interesting. He made the league fun and that’s the great thing about sports – you never know what’s gonna happen.”

Considering LeBron James, Davis and Kawhi are all on the same All-Star team, it seems like there’s no love lost between the three stars as they understand the business side of things. Though Davis and Kawhi may get along off the court, it’s likely they have a fierce rivalry on the court for years to come.

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What Could’ve Been

If Kawhi did end up signing with the Lakers, the landscape of the NBA would be very different. Paul Geroge probably would’ve stayed in Oklahoma City and so would’ve Russell Westbrook. The Lakers’ roster would’ve looked very different as they would’ve had to cut costs to make room for three massive contracts. The Clippers would fall back into mediocrity and the Lakers would be the clear favorites to win the championship.

Davis is right, the Clippers getting Kawhi and George certainly made things more interesting. Unfortunately for the Lakers, they now have to share a building with a potential powerhouse. It certainly wouldn’t be great for the purple and gold if the Clippers won the next couple of championships. Thanks to Kawhi, they’re in a better position to do just that than they ever have been.

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Anthony Davis Loves Him Some LeBron

One advantage the Lakers have over the Clippers is their amazing chemistry. It’s clear that their group of players love playing together. Anthony Davis decided to put his love of LeBron on full display during All-Star weekend.

Davis and LeBron have worked together really well this season. It’s a good sign for the Lakers that two have such a strong relationship because Davis has nothing tying him to Los Angeles past this season. If he were to leave the Lakers, the team would be in serious trouble and LeBron may have to start thinking about retirement. Luckily, it seems like Davis will at least stick around for the short-term. Once LeBron does officially retire, it’s anybody’s guess what Davis does then.

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