Lakers Veteran Calls out Rapper After Beating Celtics

Getty Jared Dudley of the Los Angeles Lakers.

After the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Boston Celtics 114-112 on Sunday night, veteran forward Jared Dudley fired off a celebratory tweet.

“Wow!!! What a game!!! Nothing like winning vs your Rival!!!!! We have to dig deep for that one! Glad we could pull this one out for LakerNation,” Dudley wrote.

Dudley has long been a target of criticism online, more often than not firing back at those critics. That was the case when his tweet following the victory was met with some harsh words from rapper Sammy Adams — a noted Celtics fan.

WARNING: There is NSFW language in the tweets below.

“Might as well have been at home on your couch – you [expletive] bum,” Adams wrote, pointing out that Dudley did not play in the matchup against the Celtics.

Dudley didn’t waste any time with a response.

“I think the same thing when I hear your Bum ass songs!!! Don’t let the rap game think you tough.. Ill smack the … nevermind it’s Sunday.”

Adams said in his tweets that he was receiving death threats after calling out Dudley before issuing somewhat of an apology.

“But you heard my [expletive]…. good looks for the streams – u ain’t a bum I’m just a Shamrock’s fan – best rivalry in sports. Good luck rest of the season bro.”

Jared Dudley Takes Pride in Being Candid on Twitter

This is not the first or last time Dudley will interact with his haters on Twitter. He’s previously challenged fans to 1-on-1 battles and weighed in on controversial issues. Dudley said his social media use has never been a problem in an extended interview with Bill Oram of The Athletic, saying there’s nothing he won’t talk about.

“No, it’s never been an issue. Sometimes they would joke about it. When Twitter started getting big, teams would say, ‘Hey, watch what you say on Twitter,’ and people might be like, ‘Jared!’ Even though I’m vocal I’m politically correct. I know what the boundary is. And for one, you don’t want a team to not want to sign you because of what you say. So if you look at what I say on Twitter, I’m never cursing. I’m never degrading or calling people names or stuff like that.”

Jared Dudley’s Veteran Presence Appreciated in Lakers Locker Room

Dudley is averaging just 1.6 points and 1.1 rebounds this season in just a shade over eight minutes per game. But his veteran presence as a glue guy in the locker room is not overlooked by the Lakers.

Knowing his role, Dudley has stepped up at times to protect his teammates, including a small scrap against the Magic leading to his ejection.

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“I don’t care if my teammate’s in the wrong or not,” Dudley told reporters after the game. “It’s like if you have a son, if you have kids at home, and they’re in trouble, you’ll stand up for your son regardless of [whether] if it’s a teacher going at him, it’s my son. And if it’s my teammate just, you know, going to keep it like that [the same way].”

Lakers star LeBron James commended Dudley for stepping up in the situation.

“Duds will do whatever. He told you guys at media day his job is to come in here if somebody goes crazy, do something crazy to me or AD [Anthony Davis] or whoever on the team, he’s going to be the muscle,” James said.

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