Patriots’ Likely Contract Offer For Tom Brady Revealed: Report

tom brady

Getty New England Patriots QB Tom Brady.

The New England Patriots are fully intent on attempting to re-sign Tom Brady.

According to a recent report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, how much the Patriots are willing to offer the 42-year-old quarterback has been revealed. As Rapoport details, New England believes Brady has one or two good years left. And they’re willing to pay him in excess of $30 million — which would make him one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league.

“The Patriots are intent on keeping Brady, obviously, believing he has one or two good years left. They are willing, sources say, to pay him in excess of $30 million per year to keep him in New England — a significant commitment that would bring his salary more in line with other elite QBs.”

Brady Wants Patriots To Pay For Top Weapons

While the Patriots are willing to offer the type of money that the veteran quarterback is looking for, they need to be willing to shell out the money to acquire weapons that Brady needs. New England made a couple of attempts at acquiring the big-name receiver that Brady needs in their offense.

The did so by signing former All-Pro wideout Antonio Brown and trading a mid-round draft pick to the Atlanta Falcons for Mohamed Sanu. However, both moves didn’t pan out. Brown was released after just one game played with the franchise and Sanu failed to make a decent impact after being acquired midway through the season.

In order for the Patriots to re-sign Brady, he wants to see the team spend on some weapons.

“That would help, but it may not be all. If Brady is going to return, he wants to see the team spend on some weapons — which they attempted to do last offseason by signing Antonio Brown, only to have it fail. It would be unlike Bill Belichick to “go for it” but that may close the deal.”

Big names such as the Dallas Cowboys‘ Amari Cooper and the Cincinnati Bengals‘ A.J. Green are expected to hit the free agency market. In other words, talented receivers can be had for a high price — in the case of Cooper — or for a bargain deal — most likely in the case of Green.

Titans Are Interested In Brady

Last but not least, there are numerous suitors expected to be in contention for Brady. As Rapoport details, the Los Angeles Chargers are expected to be a major player for Brady’s services. Meanwhile, the Tennessee Titans are quickly emerging as a dark horse.

“Brady will have options. Sources say the Los Angeles Chargers are expected to be among the teams who will make a pitch to Brady. They do have what he’d require, which is a talented team that could win now. The Tennessee Titans also fit that bill, though they’d have to make a decision on whether to franchise tag Ryan Tannehill before free agency commences.

Another potential factor for Brady is his TB12 workout facility. Brady wants to continue the routine that has kept him upright and agile throughout the years, and a new team being willing to incorporate TB12 into their footprint would help. The Chargers — who will share a stadium with the Rams — would have that capability.”

The Chargers aren’t too far from Brady’s hometown in California. Meanwhile, Brady was reportedly scouting schools for his kids in the Nashville area earlier this week.

It’s clear that the Patriots want to continue their relationship with Brady. But it’s also clear that Brady wants the team to not only pay him, but make clear upgrades to their personnel.