Outstanding Referee Dives to Catch Viciously Knocked-Out Fighter [WATCH]

Sittichai Ineiad Save

Twitter Sittichai Ineiad dives in to prevent any further damage to knocked-out fighter.

The main job of referee in martial arts is to prioritize the health and safety of the athletes. And during a Muay Thai match at this weekend’s Muay Hardcore event in Bangkok, a referee displayed commendable dedication to his role.

Here is a clip from the event that features a referee named Sittichai Ineiad diving to catch a Muay Thai fighter who was knocked out while standing. As he fell backward, the referee did what he could to prevent any further injury. The clip was provided by Beyond Kickboxing, a Twitter channel for combat sports news and video.

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The Referee Did Everything He Could to Prevent Any Further Injury to the Knocked-Out Fighter

In the video, Ineiad flung himself at the fighter to protect his head from smashing against the canvas. In the clip, So Sovarathana brutally knocks-out Neymar Paeminburee with a right elbow that sent him falling backward unconscious. And with the quick reaction of the ref, his head was protected from taking any further damage.

Ineiad was able to get his hand behind Paeminburee’s head to support it before it hit the canvas. The referee did everything he could to prevent Paeminburee from sustaining any more damage.

Sittichai Ineiad has yet to respond to the overwhelming positive feedback.

The Clip of Ineiad’s Outstanding Display of Refereeing Has Gone Viral

The video above has been liked over 7000 times and retweeted over 1500 times. The reaction to Ineiad’s dive has been very positive, with many MMA analysts and fans tipping their caps. Major news outlets, including the BBC, have reported on the clip as well, which serves as great publicity for the Southeast Asian promotion, Muay Hardcore.

The beginning of the end for Paeminburee seemed to come when Sovarathana landed a right elbow to his jaw. After he was hit with the elbow, Paeminburee appeared to have gotten rocked, dropping his guard and making room for Sovarathana’s savage left elbow. There has been no word of the injuries Paeminburee sustained from the knockout loss.

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