Plies & Tank Crashed Sammy Watkins & Wife’s Wedding

Sammy Watkins' Wife Tala Watkins

Getty Sammy Watkins of the Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins and his wife Tala dated for several years before tying the knot. The couple, who has two children together, married in the 2018 offseason. They had already had two daughters at the time of their wedding.

Their wedding was apparently a memorable experience on all accounts. It even included a few surprising performances. Read on to learn more.

The Watkins Wedding Included Interesting Performances

The Watkins’ wedding was something of a private affair, and received minimal media coverage. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing notable happened during the occasion. The wedding featured two unique performances.

The R&B singer Tank performed a beautiful serenade of the couple. Both Tala and Sammy danced to the song, and the guests seem aptly impressed as well. You can take a look at the video, below.

R&B Singer Tank Serenades Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Watkins on their Wedding DayR&B Singer Tank Serenades Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Watkins on their Wedding Day.2018-04-02T00:32:27.000Z

In addition to the Tank performance, the wedding also featured a surprise performance from another artist as well. The rapper Plies also dropped into the wedding performance as a surprise, performing his song She is My Rock for the couple. Again, you can take a look at the clip, below.

Plies crashes Sammy Watkins wedding party for Mr. & Mrs. Watkins.Plies sings She is my Rock at the wedding for Sammy and Tala Watkins on Saturday, March 31st 2018.2018-04-01T04:13:58.000Z

The Couple Seems Incredibly Happy Together

Sammy Watkins and Tala don’t pop up in the news frequently, but that appears to be a good thing. The couple posts the occasional photo on social media, and in them, they seem incredibly happy together. Just take a look at some of the examples below.

Watkins posted this adorable photo on Instagram for Tala’s birthday, calling her “superwoman” and stating “you are lighting up the world with your beautiful heart.”

In another photo, Watkins seems to get a little nostalgic for their past together, saying that “life moving so fast yet we still so young but got so much to find!”

Watkins is a Family Man

Watkins doesn’t reserve the adorable photos for only his wife. In fact, some of his best Instagram shots happen to be the entire family or of his children. In his posts, you can see the couple or the entire family celebrating various holidays and events, including Thanksgiving and Halloween.

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