UFC Star Nate Diaz Dragged Into Bogus Miami Arrest Report

UFC's Nate Diaz

Getty UFC's Nate Diaz

UFC star Nate Diaz was hospitalized after attacking Miami police offers during an arrest.

Well, that’s what happened according to a report by the Miami Herald Wednesday that was quickly pulled down within minutes after it was published. According to that newspaper, Diaz was allegedly arrested for a domestic-violence case and was being taken to the police station when the fighter suddenly attacked the police officers as his handcuffs were being taken off.

“It took quite a few officers to hold him down,” Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina said per the Miami Herald.

Except that Diaz, 34, from Stockton, Calif., wasn’t even in Miami, and hadn’t even been in the area since last week. Those details were revealed by ESPN’s Ariel Helwani after the reporter contacted Diaz’s representative, Zach Rosenfield, who gave Helwani the up-to-date facts regarding Diaz’s whereabouts.

“This story is absolutely not accurate,” Rosenfield said. “Nate has been home from the Super Bowl for over a week. This is not him. This is story is completely wrong.”

Sure, Diaz had been in the area for the Super Bowl recently, but the UFC welterweight had returned back home and was nowhere near Miami at the present moment.

“Nate has been in Stockton since the Tuesday after the Super Bowl and at no point did he have any interactions with Miami law enforcement,” Rosenfield said. “Zero issues whatsoever. And he has never been attached to anything close to domestic violence in his life.”

Diaz suffered a stoppage loss to Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244 in November for the first-ever UFC “BMF” title. While an immediate rematch seemed to be on its way in the aftermath of the New York State Athletic Commission’s decision halt the riveting fight over cuts Diaz sustained around his eye, Masvidal has since been linked by UFC president Dana White as UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman’s next title defense this summer.

So Diaz currently remains without a viable dance partner for his next fight. Regardless, Diaz wasn’t arrested in Miami this week, yet was still dragged into the whole mess by inaccurate reporting.

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