Ex-Falcons Safety Heading to Atlanta to Wrap-Up Court Case

Zeke Motta

getty Zeke Motta #41 of the Atlanta Falcons.

Four years later, former Atlanta Falcons, Notre Dame safety, Zeke Motta will be getting the justice he has been looking for on Monday, March 9.

Motta claims the Falcons former physician let him play hurt, eventually costing him a career-ending surgery.

On Dec 8. 2013, Motta suited up as a starter to play against the Green Bay Packers for a regular-season game that would eventually change his life.

Where Things Went Wrong

During the game against the Packers, Motta collided with two Packers players at kickoff that resulted in a cracked helmet and a cut to his head. He briefly lost consciousness after the collision.

Motta said in a complaint that he had filed that the doctors who treated him after he became conscious again failed to perform any kind of medical examination. He played the rest of the game with neck pain and heavy symptoms of a concussion.

He returned to the practice facility the next day where he received a cursory examination that cleared him to practice and play in the following game.

He played in the game against the Washington Redskins the following week and was in what he said “tremendous pain throughout.” It wasn’t until Dec. 20, 2013, that the Falcons ordered an MRI of his cervical spine.

The MRI revealed that Motta had suffered a C-1 displaced (approximately 15 millimeters) Jefferson fracture, along with C4-5, C5-6, and C6-7 traumatic bulging discs. The Falcon’s chiropractor, Dr. Joseph Krzemien had made it even worse by attempting to readjust Motta without properly reviewing what was wrong.

Motta had no choice but to undergo not one, but two invasive surgeries and the implantation of steel plates into his spine. Following the surgeries an rehab, he was examined by three doctors in hopes he would return to football. The third doctor told him it would be too dangerous to ever play again due to the instability of his neck post-operation.

A nondisplaced spine fracture that would have fully healed with immediate and proper treatment caused a career-ending, ligamentous injury.

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The Lawsuit

Motta filed suit against multiple parties on November 9, 2015.

Motta is seeking unspecified damages on multiple counts of alleged professional negligence by defendants that include: Emory Healthcare, Emory Sports Medicine Center, Emory Orthopaedics & Spine Center, Georgia Spine, and Sports Rehab, Krzemien, and Dr. Spero Karas.

The defendants do not include the NFL or the Atlanta Falcons since the medical staff are independent contractors and not league employees.

However, the Falcons did make an effort to hide the public release of documents about Motta. They had ignored a court-ordered request for documents. Motta had to go to court for the information they requested. Then the team Falcons attempted to seal all their documents from being publically released.

Monday, March 9, 2020

According to an update from ESPN’s Vaughn McClure, the case is set for trial this upcoming Monday, March 9th.

Motta was said to of had a bright future in the NFL and we will legally find if the team’s doctor ended Motta’s career too soon, at the age of 23, on Monday.

Stay tuned.

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