Matthew Stafford’s Wife Reveals Another Pregnancy

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford enjoys a night out in 2017 at the Pistons game.

The Detroit Lions first family of football will be adding another member this summer, as Kelly Stafford has revealed her and Matthew Stafford are expecting again.

On Instagram, Stafford revealed that the family was expecting their fourth child to come “well before training camp” begins. The message came along with a photo of the family enjoying a vacation at Disney, which included the special announcement. Here’s a look at what Stafford wrote about the news:


As is written, the couple doesn’t yet know if they are expecting a boy or a girl and will continue to stay in the dark until the baby arrives at some point over the summer. The Stafford family already has 3 girls, so it’s safe to say the quarterback is very adept at taking care of kids.

Obviously, it will be another busy offseason for the Lions’ quarterback at home. It’s great to see the Stafford family getting to celebrate another milestone, especially after their tough offseason in 2019.

Kelly Stafford Stamps Out Matthew Stafford Trade Rumors

After a new rumor surfaced which was courtesy of Mike Silver of the NFL Network regarding the fact that Stafford could be pushing the team for a trade, his wife Kelly revealed that to be false, and seemed to stamp out the rumors with an impassioned message also on Instagram over the weekend.

Here’s a look at what it read:

Obviously, that would seemingly end any debates about whether or not Stafford is committed to the Motor City. The Lions have made their statement, and now the Stafford’s have made theirs as well.

Perhaps the team can move on with the offseason.

Kelly Stafford on Why Matthew Stafford Will Stay

Rumors of a trade are not true, according to Kelly a few months back as well. Asked a question on her Instagram then by a fan regarding if Stafford would ever demand a trade so that he might win a ring somewhere else, the answer provided was unequivocally no. Stafford is committed to the city where he started, and wants to win for the fans there according to his wife.

In a response that was screen shotted by a fan on Twitter, Stafford shows how motivated she and her husband are to stick in Detroit for the long haul to win:

“He wants a championship for this city as much as y’all do. This is our home too. They’ll have to ship him out if they don’t want him. He isn’t going anywhere by choice,” Stafford wrote.

That certainly fits the narrative. He signed a massive contract extension a few years back and continues to love Detroit. His family has also made the city a home and been embraced by Lions fans. The hope is the team can build around him properly so that the quarterback spot isn’t the lightning rod for criticism it has been through the years in Detroit.

The bet is the Lions will remain committed to Stafford, because he’s got plenty of talent to work with, even if he doesn’t yet have the jewelry needed to prove it. Obviously, Stafford believes in the plan just as much to stay loyal.

Clearly, the Stafford’s continue to put down some major roots in Detroit and are committed to the city with their young family continuing to grow.

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