Patrick Mahomes Wants His Play Calling to Be on ‘Andy Reid’s Level’ [WATCH]

Andy Reid

Getty Images Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid and QB Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a career resume only most would only dream of accomplishing. At 24, the Texas native has an NFL MVP, Super Bowl win and Super Bowl MVP honor to his name. Not to mention, he’s on his way to becoming the league’s highest-paid quarterback ahead of his fourth season playing at the professional level.

That would be enough for Mahomes to relax for at least a year and relish in all his accomplishment, right? Not exactly. For the former Texas Tech standout, he still has a mountain of goals he’d like to accomplish, and that includes being at the play-calling level of his head coach and mentor Andy Reid.

On Saturday’s episode of LeBron James’ program “The Shop,” Mahomes was asked whether he’s ready to call his own plays. Using the example of the snowy December win against the Denver Broncos, the Oakley ambassador explained why his ultimate goal is to emulate the intelligence of the veteran head coach when it comes to developing a blueprint for expert-level plays.

“I want to get to the level coach Reid is at,” Mahomes said. “I’ll use as an example, we played the Denver Broncos in the snow and we had moved the ball well. In the red zone, they played zone coverage every single time, every single play. And so I wanted to call a different play, and coach Reid called a man-beater. He said ‘I want to call this man-beater right now.’ I’m looking at coach like, what are we doing? We get out there and those dudes are playing man coverage. Touchdown.

“He knew. I want to be on that level where I can think ahead.”

Just last month, Mahomes proved he could be well on his way to rivaling the 61-year-old Reid in a matter of seasons. After all, it was him who excellently called for WASP on 3rd and 15 in the fourth quarter with Kansas City trailing 20-10 during Super Bowl LIV in Miami. The Chiefs went on to beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20, winning their second Super Bowl title in franchise history and their first in 50 years. After two decades and countless wins in the leagues, Reid finally lifted the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in his storied managerial career.

Chiefs Puzzle Featured on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

The buzz around the Chiefs is unlikely to fizzle out anytime soon, and that was evidenced by Kansas City being the subject of a puzzle on popular game show “Wheel of Fortune” Friday.

The category was “Headline” and after a few turns at the wheel and a significant amount of letters on the board, the riddle became clear: “Kansas City Chiefs Are Super Bowl Champions.”

The winning participant amassed $8,650 and because it was a prize category, won a trip to Panama valued at $7,066. Lucky for her, she also won the entire episode, with a grand total of $44,706 in cash and prizes.

Could Chris Jones Remain in Kansas City?

Between whether the Chiefs are headed to the White House to what free agency means for certain beloved players, Kansas City remains the most talk about NFL team even in the offseason. While WR Sammy Watkins’ future remains a mystery, there’s been some clarity around what the Chiefs might be doing with DT Chris Jones. On February 27, NFL Network insider Ian Rapaport reported that in an effort to lock down a long-term deal, Kansas City’s front office decided to franchise tag the 25-year-old star.

Shortly after the news became public, NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah offered his opinions on the move during an appearance on the Cody & Gold show on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City.

“They would be able to get a tremendous haul from him if they decided to make that move,” Jeremiah said. “I don’t think it would be the smart move. He’s someone you can completely build around up front.”

Given that the Chiefs are likely offering Mahomes a lucrative extension, Jeremiah understands why keeping Jones may not be the best financially for them, consequently meaning they’d be listening to offers from other teams for his services.

“If ownership comes to you and says, ‘We just can’t afford it. We’ve gotta pay Pat. We need to move on,’ to me I’d want two picks and a player,” Jeremiah continued. “That would be where I would start. If that’s a 1, a 3, and a player or a 1, a 2, and a lesser player, that’d be my aiming point…To me, that’s what I think you’d shoot for to get two ones. I just don’t know if you’d be able to pull that off. I’d say maybe you end up getting a one and a two out of the mix, but it’s a fair question because he’s such a dominant player.”

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