Seahawks’ Stadium Transformed Into Hospital as Response to Coronavirus

Getty CenturyLink Field is being transformed into a field hospital.

CenturyLink Stadium in Seattle is typically the home of the Seahawks and Sounders, but now has a new designation as the city continues to fight the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The stadium has been transformed into a field hospital to treat non-coronavirus cases as the city continues to fight COVID-19 in traditional facilities.

Photos of the transformation show the indoor portion where the concession area typically sits is now a hospital holding at least 150 beds thanks to Army soldiers deployed from Fort Carson, Colorado used to staff the facility, per KOIN 6. Kiro 7’s Graham Johnson tweeted out photos from CenturyLink Field calling the transformation “remarkable.”

Johnson also posted photos of the Army trucks in front of CenturyLink Field prior to setup.

“Army vehicles bringing in equipment to set up a field hospital at CenturyLink Field Event Center. It will take non-COVID patients as a backup for Seattle hospitals…” Johnson noted on Twitter.

The Seahawks Issued a Joint-Statement With Other Seattle Pro Sports Team to Encourage Social Distancing

Coronavirus Seattle

A look at hospital beds set up at CenturyLink Field.

The Seahawks recently issued a joint statement with a number of other Seattle pro sports teams including the Mariners, Storm and Sounders. The teams encouraged fans to practice social distancing to “help your favorite event and sport return.”

We, the organizers and teams of some of the Northwest’s favorite summer events, sports and activities, implore you, our fans and patrons, to follow local government calls to stay at home. What you do over the next few weeks can either help or hinder the return to some of your favorite events….

After a long period of isolation, our communities are going to need live interaction, connection and celebration more than ever. Help us flatten the curve that could help your favorite event and sport return.

As of Now, the NFL Still Plans to Play a Full Schedule of Games in the Fall

Seattle Coronavirus

An operating room set up at CenturyLink Field.

With the pro sports leagues already in season on hold, fans are wondering what will happen to the NFL in the fall. NFL general counsel Jeff Pash noted the league is “planning on a full season.”

“NFL general counsel Jeff Pash says he’s planning on a full 2020 season; ‘That’s my expectation. Am I certain? I’m not certain I will be here tomorrow. But I’m planning on it, and I’m planning on a full season,'” Pro Football Talk tweeted.

There are two questions that loom over the NFL’s 2020 season: length of the schedule and start date. Pash indicated that the NFL also plans to start the season on its normal start date.

“Asked again on contingency plans, and when the NFL would need to start looking at those, general counsel Jeff Pash said based on information they’ve gathered from experts and advisors: ‘We’re pretty confident we’ll be able to start on schedule,'” Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer reported on Twitter.

This is refreshing news to football fans in what has been challenging times across the country. That said, it is a very fluid situation and the next few months will determine if the NFL can go on with football games as scheduled.