Aaron Rodgers Details Hilarious Pranks He Pulled on Matt LaFleur

Aaron Rodgers Pranks Matt LaFleur

Getty Head coach Matt LaFleur of the Green Bay Packers discusses with Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers during warms up before the game against the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field on December 15, 2019 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Aaron Rodgers has been upfront about how much he enjoys joking around with some of his Green Bay Packers teammates and coaches in the past, but the ways he pranked first-year head coach Matt LaFleur during the 2019 season raise the comedic bar.

Rodgers shared some of the funniest moments between him and his new Packers head coach during his Sunday appearance on The HawkCast, laughing with host and former teammate A.J. Hawk about some of the methods he deployed to mess with LaFleur during their first season working together.

One of them even backfired during the season opener, as Rodgers explained:

“What’s fun to do with Matt because he’s a little more keyed up than I am (on game day) is just kind of mess with him sometimes, and it was kind of the boy who cried wolf, unfortunately,” Rodgers said. “I was messing with him early in the season and did the cup my ears and tap my helmet like I can’t hear anything when I actually could, and so he started freaking out a little bit. This was the preseason the only game I played, I believe it was.

So the next time I did it was the first game of the year against Chicago, like the second drive, my helmet goes off and I cannot hear him. And he’s getting really pissed, like, ‘Why is he messing with me? What play is he calling?’ And I’m literally yelling at (backup quarterback) Tim Boyle, going, ‘I can’t hear anything! My helmet’s not working!’ So there’s a timeout and they had to rush in the backup helmet.”

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Rodgers Kept Things Light at Right Moments

As Hawk reminded listeners, Rodgers has long enjoyed messing with the people close to him, which has included girlfriend Danica Patrick and former head coach Mike McCarthy. So, it should come as no surprise that Rodgers took his chances when he could with LaFleur after the two of them hit it off right away once he arrived in Green Bay.

Rodgers and LaFleur often celebrated together on the sidelines after big plays or once victory was assured, hugging — and even sometimes hitting — each other in excitement. While Rodgers said he tends to be calmer on game day than LaFleur’s amped-up approach, he believes their differences are what make them such a great match for one another.

“Like, he helps me get into that game mode and when s— is getting a little dicey, I can help him settle down a bit,” Rodgers said.

Though, he also kept finding ways to weaponize his calmness for the sake of a good joke.

“The last home game we had, I hit Jimmy (Graham) on a crossing route late in the game and a first down was going to give us a chance to run out the clock ’cause it was the two-minute warning and there was a big spot review of that one,” Rodgers told Hawk. “And Matt wasn’t quite sure, he thought they had one timeout left (that) they hadn’t taken off the board yet, so I was kind of messing with him. I didn’t come over to the sideline because I knew we could just kneel down and we had the game won, and he was like, ‘Come on over.’ I was just shaking my head no. ‘Come here!’ And I was just shaking my head no. And we had a good laugh about it.

He really does love it afterward, but (not) in the moment until he realizes I’m messing with him, which I realize is most people, Danica included and yourself when I liked to pick on you. It is kind of funny to hold a joke until you see somebody just about to lose it and then you break it to them like, ‘Hey, I’m just kidding.'”

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