Fans Respond to Falcons New Uniform Potential Leaks

Falcons uniform

Getty Safety Eric Coleman #26 of the Atlanta Falcons prepares to enter the game through the tunnel against the San Diego Chargers during their NFL Game on November 30, 2008, at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California.

After years and years of waiting, the Atlanta Falcons will debut their new uniforms on April 14, 2020. But the uniforms could have already been debuted without permission.

Local Atlanta broadcaster Wes Blankenship tweeted the leaks he gathered on social media. He asked fans the question, “How ya’ll feeling about the new uniforms, if these leaked photos are legit?”

Fans are NOT happy.

There are plenty of these negative comments on the potential leaks within the Twitter thread.

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Why It Makes Sense

While I hope these aren’t the uniforms because this unveiling was about the only thing many people were looking forward to stuck in quarantine, the uniforms make sense.

Andrew Lind of details why these jerseys could be the real deal.

“The number font on the potential leaks pull inspiration from the updated wordmark that was at the top of the letter [Falcons owner Arthur] Blank sent to season ticket holders in January announcing the looming changes and includes a contrasting drop shadow,” Lind wrote. He continued:

Every jersey features a new side panel design, but the red jersey is the most notable because the body features a red-to-black gradient effect that transitions into black pants, reminiscent of the uniforms the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks wore from 1995-99 and Texas Tech’s 2014 alternate football uniform.

A matte black helmet sitting on the table in the studio, meanwhile, shows an oversized logo on the side and a gray facemask — something Atlanta hasn’t worn since the 1983 season, when the team still donned red helmets.

Different Combinations

Atlanta Falcons’ digital managing editor Matt Tabeek recently spoke with Falcons owner Arthur Blank on the new uniforms. Blank told Tabeek:

Well, it’s the first time in 17 years that we’re changing them, which is remarkable to me because I didn’t realize it was quite that long. But I did remember when we first bought the team a couple years later that we did change it – and that was a great change at that time. I think that this look that fans will feel, experience and see and hopefully wear is one that’s more in keeping with a contemporary look and feel that our fans are looking for – a little more flair.

I think the level combinations is one of the things that struck me about the tops and bottoms, the way they could be combined and put together provides a lot of options. The players had a lot of input in the uniforms; you know, they have to wear them. Beyond that, they’re young and they’re hip and they get it. They want to wear something that looks good on them. I think the uniforms will look good on them and even better on our fans.

Personally I, for one, am kind of a fan of the new uniforms even though I hope these aren’t the new uniforms. But I’ll take whatever change I can get after 17 seasons…

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