UFC Champ’s Epic Street Fight Ends With Insane Prank

Bas Rutten 2011


Not many people in the world end up brawling in a Tokyo street fight against three self-proclaimed Navy Seals. Fewer still would enter into such an agreement against all three men at once and with full confidence of winning.

Enter Bas Rutten, who simply replied the only way a former UFC heavyweight champion could: “I’ll fight all three of you.”

The UFC Hall of Famer revealed his stunning story via Submission Radio earlier this week after the retired MMA legend was asked to share an epic street fight story he had never told before.

Men Claimed to Be Navy Seals

Rutten obliged with his tale of three “American military” dudes who decided they wanted to rumble with Rutten and his crew inside a Japanse bar.

Obviously, that went very poorly for those gentlemen.

“I fought one time, three in Japan,” Rutten said. “That was with all the fighters there. It was against American military. And they were claiming that they were Navy Seals … but they weren’t Navy Seals. One-hundred percent guarantee they’re not because I train the Seals and they’re not guys like that. Trust me.”

Seals or no seals, Rutten handled them with ease.

Fight Happened at Tokyo Bar

Apparently, this all happened at a bar one night in Tokyo. Rutten was there with fellow MMA legends Frank Shamrock, Guy Mezger, and a few other fighters Rutten said he couldn’t quite remember.

Regardless, what Rutten does remember is seeing those three guys strutting through the crowded bar and pushing people around as if they were looking for a fight.

“I’m standing in the middle, I’m just looking away–I didn’t want to look at them,” Rutten said. “And sure enough they push me as well.”

Rutten wasn’t cool with it.

“And I say, ‘Hey guys, come on, what are you guys doing?’ And right away they surrounded me, ‘You wanna go man? You wanna go? You wanna go bring it outside?’”

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‘That’s the Worst Guy to Pick a Fight With’

Rutten said the three men were sternly warned by his companions. Sure, there might be three of them but Rutten was a professional fighter on his way to winning multiple world championships under different promotional banners all over the world.

“And Guy walked up, Guy Mezger, and he said, ‘Hey guys, we’re all professional fighters,’” Rutten remembered.

The three guys responded that they didn’t care about trying to pick a fight with a group of pro-MMA fighters, but Mezger gave the them one more chance to reconsider their stance.

Mezger pointed to Rutten and said, “…that’s the worst guy to pick a fight with. You shouldn’t do this right now.”

But Mezgar’s warning hadn’t been enough, so the fight was on.

‘I’ll Fight All 3 of You.’

Rutten said he was asked which of the men he wanted to fight.

“I’ll fight all three of you. What about that?” Rutten said.

The end was near. Rutten said he got rid of two of the three men quickly but wanted to submit the other one so that he wasn’t doing anyone any “favors”.

So Rutten put the vice grips on the other guy. “So I remember, I got him in an armbar first. He taps, he says he wants to quit. I let him go and right away he attacks me again.”

At this point, you almost have to admire this poor fellow. Navy Seal, American military, or just some guy pretending to be either of those things with his buddies at a bar, at this point, it would seem discretion might be the better part of valor for most.

Rutten continued, “I roll right away into a kneebar and I say, ‘Is it over now?’ And I’m really, I’m hyper-extending his leg a little bit because I wanted to make sure he would stop. He said, ‘No, no, no…please stop, stop stop.’”

Rutten’s Final Act Included Epic Prank

But it still wasn’t over.

“So I let him go and again he attacks me,” Rutten said. “Yeah, and then everybody goes, ‘Bas, just choke him out.’ I go, ‘Okay’ and then I choke him out and we lay him on the ground.”

So Rutten did what any other all-time UFC legend might do in the same situation. Or maybe this is just the kind of shenanigans Rutten and his crew would pull. Whatever the case, Rutten pulled his assailant’s pants down and waited for his would-be attacker to wake up.

“And, of course, he got very embarrassed when he woke up,” Rutten said.

You can watch Rutten’s full interview with the guys over at Submission Radio below.

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