Bears QB Mitch Trubisky Gets Personal in Latest Interview

Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky spoke with former backup Chase Daniel Wednesday night

Twitter Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky spoke with former backup Chase Daniel Wednesday night

Mitch Trubisky has finally spoken. In his first interview since the 2019 season ended, the Chicago Bears quarterback spoke to his former backup Chase Daniel on “Chase Chats,” a weekly interview show/discussion the perennial backup has been sharing on his social media pages.

The two didn’t get into the team’s acquisition of veteran QB Nick Foles (who was the first-ever guest on “Chase Chats” a few weeks back) or the team’s quarterback situation at all, other than to discuss the $5,000 coffee machine Trubisky hooked the Bears quarterbacks room up with. Trubisky did share more personal details about his life than he has in recent months, however.

Trubisky also took a moment to tease Daniel for not being one of the show’s first guests.

“Honored to be number eight on the ‘Chase Chats’. Don’t know how I fell that far down, but I see where I land. It’s all good,” Trubisky joked, although he had to have known Foles was the first-ever guest.

“It took some wrangling to get you,” Daniel said a bit sheepishly, before quickly adding: “I was trying to save you for 10 (a reference to Trubisky’s number) but I wanted to move you up.” Sure, Chase. Sure.

Pettiness and fun jokes aside, here are the highlights and major takeaways from their conversation.

Trubisky Talked Publicly About Girlfriend Hillary Gallagher for First Time

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Trubisky, who has been dating recent Florida State University grad and marketing major Hillary Gallagher for over a year now, had never spoke about her in an interview until his chat with Daniel. Trubisky shared details of how the two have been dealing with cohabitating while being home all the time, noting they just finished work on a ramping up a home gym in their basement.

“I’ll wake up, get a good workout in in the morning, have a big breakfast and just do random activities throughout the day,” Trubisky shared. The Bears quarterback also revealed he partakes in film study in the evenings. “Just to stay refreshed and stay around the game,” he said. The couple have also been spending a lot of time preparing healthy meals, which Gallagher has been known to share images of on Instagram from time to time.

“I’m the chef’s helper I guess you say. Hillary, my girlfriend, she’s the cook of the house,” Trubisky shared. “She is an amazing cook. The food is obviously brought to the house, and we have all this time on our hands. I don’t know where she finds these recipes, but she either follows them to a ‘T’, or she goes off on her own creativeness,” Trubisky said of he and Gallagher’s culinary endeavors.

Trubsiky Says His Left Shoulder is ‘100 Percent’

Trubisky had offseason surgery to repair a partially torn labrum in his left shoulder that he played through all season, and when Daniel asked him for an update, he got a very positive one.

“It’s great, it’s great,” Trubisky said of his shoulder. “I’m back to 100 percent. I haven’t been able to see a doctor to get cleared officially, but I pretty much cleared myself. It feels better and stronger than it did before I ever hurt it.” 

Trubisky also talked about working out a lot while confined to his home, and he shared what type of workout music he favors. He’ll blast Drake, Meek Mill, and J. Cole while working out, but he prefers country music — specifically Luke Combs, Sam Hunt, Lanco and Chase Rice — when he’s just “relaxing” and “chillin.'”

Trubisky Said He Had ‘No Idea’ Chicago Was Drafting Him in 2017

With Draft Day approaching, Daniel asked Trubisky about his experience getting drafted second-overall by the Bears in 2017. His answer showed just how secretive — or forgetful — Bears current GM Ryan Pace can be.

“I had no idea Chicago was going to pick me,” Trubisky said. “I was just as surprised as everyone else. And the funny draft story is that I never got a call. Usually the team will call you and say ‘hey, we’re putting your name in and you’re going to be the next one to come up on the TV.’ So they trade up and I’m back in the Green Room and all the players and all the families were looking around because there’s only been one guy picked so far. Myles Garrett is at his house. And we’re all looking around and nobody’s phone is ringing. And so we’re like, ‘what’s going on? OK, it’s nobody in here.’ And so Roger Goodell goes to the stand and then he says my name. I’m still looking at the phone and I just don’t believe it. It was just a whirlwind after that… they forgot to call me. I didn’t talk to them until I got off the stage afterwards. I was probably more surprised than anyone else out there.”

You can watch Daniel’s full interview with Trubisky on “Chase Chats” here:

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