UFC’s Chael Sonnen Reveals Recent Altercation With ‘Coward’ Tito Ortiz

Chael Sonnen & Tito Ortiz

Getty Chael Sonnen & Tito Ortiz

Ever since the build up to their fight on January 21, 2017, former UFC and Bellator fighter turned MMA analyst Chael “The American Gangster” Sonnen and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Ortiz have had bad blood. They fought at Bellator 170, and all throughout the promotion for the fight, the two engaged in heated trash talk.

They met in the Bellator cage in Inglewood, California, and Ortiz won the fight by first-round rear-naked choke. However, the two did not squash the beef after the match, and Sonnen recently spoke about an incident he had with Ortiz three months ago in Portland, Oregon.

Here is a clip of Sonnen telling the story to reporter Gareth A. Davies:

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Sonnen & Ortiz Had a Recent Incident in Portland 3 Months Ago

Davies asked Sonnen if he has been able to put the rivalry with Tito Ortiz behind him, and The American Gangster responded, “No, I can’t get it right with Tito.” He then told a story about a recent altercation with The Huntington Beach Bad Boy.

Three months ago, Sonnen was waiting to be picked up by a friend after he arrived in Portland from working for Bellator. Out of nowhere, The American Gangster heard someone say “here’s the p**sy.” Thinking it was a fan making a joke, Sonnen looked up from his phone, but he was surprised to see it was The Huntington Beach Bad Boy.

Sonnen said, “It was Tito, and wouldn’t you know, the coward is with somebody else. So, the only time Tito would ever address me like that, one is when I’m locked in a cage with Wanderlei [Silva] and he’s on the opposite [side of the cage], or two is when he’s got a buddy with him.” The American Gangster called it a scumbag move.

He responded to Ortiz’s remark, “Hey Tito, what are you doing in Portland?” Sonnen said that, to this day, Ortiz hasn’t responded to that question.

Apparently after The American Gangster asked the question, Ortiz started “shaking his head and began bumbling his words.” The former UFC light heavyweight champ then walked off.

After Ortiz Walked Off, Chael Sonnen Got ‘P*ssed’

Sonnen said, “What are you doing in Portland seems like something you can respond to reasonably.”

After Ortiz walked off, Sonnen got “p*ssed.” He said, “I started doing the math, and I go wait a minute, if I was in Huntington Beach [and] I walked up on Tito, I insulted him, oh and by the way it was a two on one, Tito’s going to be a little upset.”

When Sonnen’s friend Joel picked Sonnen up, The American Gangster told him that Ortiz “verbally assaulted” him on the street and he “took it.” His friends started to make a U-turn in the car to head back to where Ortiz was.

However, Sonnen stopped Joel from going back, saying, “If we go back, this is premeditated — it’s a whole other thing. It’s over, let it go.”

In the conversation with Davies, Sonnen called Ortiz’s remark a “d**k move to the highest of levels,” and that “maybe that paints the picture of our relationship.”

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