WWE Legend Makes Eye Opening-Statement On Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Kanye West

When WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry speaks, you listen.

On my Words With Scoop segment via Instagram Live, Henry discussed everything from Wrestlemania 36 to Kobe Bryant and Undertaker comparisons and about the Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James.

Also on #WORDSWITHSCOOP, the World’s Strongest Man discussed wide-ranging topics like Hulk Hogan, Kanye West, The Rock and Drew McIntyre.

Read some of our conversation below.

Henry on Kanye West

“I’m a fan of the music. But I’m not an ego guy. I have a self inflated idea of where I fit as a strongman, as a wrestler, but I don’t hold it at such as a high regard that I lose my humility. And I think sometimes he comes across as extremely arrogant and overbearing in his quest to announce to the world: ‘Hey I’m somebody and I’m better than everybody else …’ Who cares? Be humble. Be respectful to the people that came before you. Let other people decide and let analysts and people like us that are doing a show to entertain people talk about you in the way that you need to be talked about. From an artistic standpoint, Kanye is one of the top people whoever did it. Artistically, musically, producing … there’s a lot of categories. But his arrogance would make me not mention him.”

Henry on The Rock & Hulk Hogan

“If he had not had visions of grandeur in Hollywood, there would not be any competition in pro wrestling. He would dominate at a level that wouldn’t have been close. But he was like me in a sense of strongman, weightlifting, powerlifting – I was bigger than all those individual sports. For me not to take my talent and go to wrestling or to go to any other medium, I would be doing myself a disservice. And The Rock was able to go to Hollywood and do his thing. Don’t think it’s over – I’m out here man. I’m trying to get my Hollywood on … and it’s gonna happen. It’s already happening. It’s just that this coronavirus threw a little monkey wrench in the flow. I’m in a show called the ‘Big Show Show’ with the Big Show on Netflix that’s coming out in a few days. And people will see what it is.”

Henry on Acting

“It’s very important. My wrestling experience – we were trained to be over-prepared. That’s the philosophy that I got from Rick Rogers. He was like you train your body to lift those weights, and to run all those miles and to do everything, but your mind has to just as ready. Be over-prepared. Have so much in your mind, that when you enter whatever arena it is, you’re not fazed. You got material. You have lifestyle. Talk about your lifestyle. Talk about food. Have a real diverse education. Don’t just know a lot about one topic. Like, talk about world travels. That’s what wrestlers are. Wrestlers are overexposed, overeducated – and there are some dumbasses out there too. But for the most part, you have to able to understand psychology and why you do things.”

Henry on the New Face of the WWE

“Drew McIntyre. Drew looks the part, he works the part, he just hasn’t had the opportunity to be the part and I’m hoping that he can take Brock out and usher in the Drew McIntyre Grown Ass Man era; because whenever I reference Drew McIntyre I say that’s a grown-ass man. And if you wanted to fight that dude, you’d better be in good shape. And even by accident, by hook or by crook, if he makes contact with his athletic ability he can hurt you. He’s like Dontay Wilder. To me, he’s not a great boxer. He’s a great athlete boxing. He needs to go and find coaches that are going to work on his fundamentals. This guy’s only been boxing for four years. He’s got a lot of growth to make. But we’re not talking about boxing, we’re talking about wrestling. I’m just making a point about Drew McIntyre – he’s a grown-ass man.”

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