Seahawks’ Offer to Jadeveon Clowney Is ‘Take It or Leave It’: Report

Jadeveon Clowney Seahawks

Getty Jadeveon Clowney continues to play the waiting game in free agency.

The Jadeveon Clowney watch is on the verge of entering the one-month mark, and the pass rusher does not appear to be any closer to signing a new contract. ESPN 710 Seattle’s Dave Wyman told The Seattle Times’ Bob Condotta that the Seahawks offered Clowney “a take it or leave it type of deal” earlier in free agency.

This would indicate there is not a lot of negotiations going on between the two parties, rather the Seahawks have left Clowney to decide if their offer will suffice as Wyman detailed.

“I think that might be an indication that they are not able to get him,” Wyman said of Seattle’s signing of Mayowa, adding that the Seahawks’ offer to Clowney is “a take it or leave it type of deal.” That’s in keeping with what has been the Seahawks’ stance in recent years of setting a value on a player and then not wavering from it.

One Analyst Believes the Seahawks Are “Moving On” From Clowney

The specifics of the Seahawks’ offer has been debated as Sports Illustrated’s Corbin Smith reported it was about $18.5 million annually. Condotta indicated that some insiders have the Seahawks’ offer closer to the $13 to $15 million range. Wyman also told The Seatle Times that he believes the signing of Benson Mayowa indicates the Seahawks are “moving on” from Clowney.

And former Seahawk Dave Wyman, also the analyst on the team’s radio broadcasts, said he thinks the signing of Mayowa is a sign that the team may be moving on from Clowney while noting that he doesn’t think the team is necessarily actively negotiating with Clowney, instead having given him an offer that he can either accept or not.

The Seahawks Are Still “in the Running” for Clowney

Not everyone is convinced that Clowney is leaving the Pacific Northwest. The News Tribune’s Gregg Bell noted that the longer Clowney’s free agency goes on, the more it works in the Seahawks’ favor. Bell reported that the Seahawks are still “in the running” to sign Clowney.

During a Twitter question and answer session, we had the chance to ask Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer about Clowney’s situation. Breer noted that Clowney could “wait a little longer” to make a decision but believes there is a “likelihood” the pass rusher is back with the Seahawks on a one-year deal. To re-sign Clowney, the Seahawks would have to make a few roster moves to gain more cap space. Smith wondered what the Seahawks’ offer would be now that they have made additional signings.

“As Josina [Anderson] points out, they did make a formidable offer. But Clowney’s camp was pushing for $20 million per year and circumstances are much different now than 3/4 weeks ago. Money isn’t there for teams and suitors dwindled, among other factors…When free agency opened, teams were in a far different spot, including Seattle. They weren’t going to pay $20 million APY, especially not for short term deal. Nobody was They’ve waited things out… and Clowney will be hard pressed to get what he could have a month ago.,” Smith tweeted.

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