Jamal Crawford Updates NBA Return, Discusses Family, Future

Jamal Crawford, NBA free agent

Getty Jamal Crawford, NBA free agent

Jamal Crawford’s body of work has been proven: a three-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year winner with multiple years of experience, the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors have had light interest in the NBA free agent.

The Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers would be a natural fit.

Still, no team has offered a contract.

Appearing on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, I asked Crawford about teams and their interest. He was more than candid.

Check out a snippet from our conversation below:

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Jamal Crawford on the line with Scoop B Radio talking all things basketball…there has been rumors about teams. Throughout the course of the season, I have heard the Toronto Raptors. I have heard the Milwaukee Bucks. Any team that is looking to get yo, what role would you likely fill or what would you like to tell GM’s, Presidents, and colleagues about yourself to reassure them that you are still that dude?

Jamal Crawford: For me, I really don’t want to make a case to be honest with you, just go through my history. On the court. Off the court. Whatever you’re looking for just go through it. Like all those teams you said are great teams and those are teams that have a chance to do something special but, even if they did have interest, they all would be using me differently. One may say hey, we might not need you to pay until we – one team might say hey we need you to come in and get buckets off the bench. A younger team might say hey, we want you to be a mentor for this young combo guard coming up. So that all depends on if these conversations ever happen. If they do happen, to be honest with you, I’m probably at peace with that too. As much as I love to play, and I will play regardless. Whether if I’m in the NBA or not, I kinda don’t want to be anywhere you’re not wanted. Like if they don’t want me right now, if they don’t have an interest right now, that’s ok. That doesn’t devalue my worth because people don’t have interest. Everything is not for everybody. For me, like I said last night on Sportscenter like the way it went, “If I can play then great. I can continue my career. And if not, I’m with my family and we can start the next chapter.” With that I can’t really lose. Those are both great options to have.

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