Kobe Bryant: NBA 2K20 Releases New Free Mamba Content in NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 New Kobe Bryant content has been released in NBA 2K20

April 13 has been dedicated as Mamba Day by Nike, and NBA 2K is working with the theme. On Monday, the game released new and free Kobe Bryant content within the MyTeam mode.

A new Bryant card has been released, and I believe there will be a second card honoring the late legend. The first is a Pink Diamond version of Bryant, and the other will likely be a Galaxy Opal card, in my opinion. I’ll explain why.

How to Get the Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant in NBA 2K20

The Pink Diamond Bryant is available via a locker code, which is listed below and featured in the short trailer that also gives details about the new Bryant-inspired Spotlight Challenge:

NBA 2K20 Kobe Bryant – How to Get Free Pink Diamond and Galaxy OpalThe new Kobe Bryant MyTeam cards have been released. Here's how you can get the new Kobe Pink Diamond and Galaxy Opals in your NBA 2K20 MyTeam lineups. I believe the path to a new Galaxy Opal will come through the Spotlight Challenges. Subscribe to Unique Mazique Chicago Sports and Reactions – youtube.com/user/FranchisePlaySports Brian Mazique…2020-04-13T16:18:24.000Z

The trailer features some nicely rendered Bryant footage and the locker listed below, which was also tweeted by the NBA 2K20 MyTeam account as well as Digital Brand Manager Ronnie Singh aka Ronnie 2K:

As of right now, the only thing confirmed is the Pink Diamond Bryant, which everyone can get with the input of the locker code above. However, there is reason to believe there is another Bryant card coming as well.

Why a Galaxy Opal Card is Probably Going to Be Kobe

The new trailer indicates there is a new Spotlight Challenge that is dedicated to Bryant’s best games. The 81-point performance against the Toronto Raptors is represented, and more including his historic final game against the Utah Jazz.

All of the Spotlight Challenges that have been released up to now have carried a prize card at the end.

It wouldn’t make much sense for the Bryant Spotlight Challenge to carry any other prize but a GO Mamba, unless of course, it is a Pink Diamond evolution card that requires some statistical accomplishment to evolve it to a GO level.

It’s also unclear when this Spotlight Challenge might be released, as it isn’t currently available in the game.

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What the Requirements for the Galaxy Opal Kobe Might Be

The GO Bryant is going to probably be maxed out in every possible statistical category and badge. Because of that, don’t expect the card to come easy. Singh and the NBA 2K MyTeam Twitter account has been hinting at something big being attached to the James Harden Galaxy Opal card. It’s beginning to feel more and more as if this was it.

In order to get the GO Harden, you have to complete the 150 Spotlight Challenges that were released after the NBA’s real-life season was suspended. It is a serious grind, but it is a no-money-spent journey that can render some really nice Diamond cards like Kevin Porter Jr. and Cameron Reddish.

At the near top end of that journey, you can get two great Pink Diamonds (Pascal Siakam and Brandon Ingram). If you grab both of those, you are then awarded the GO Harden.

Based on the tweets from Singh and the NBA 2K20 MyTeam, it seems likely the Harden card is somehow going to be connected to the ultimate Bryant prize.

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