Lakers’ Jared Dudley Shares Bleak Reality of Season Resuming

Getty Lakers veteran Jared Dudley.

As the NBA hiatus nears a month, there are mixed feeling on the season resuming anytime soon. Los Angeles Lakers veteran Jared Dudley was optimistic at one point, but his latest take is quite bleak.

Dudley spoke with Michael Lee of The Athletic in an extensive Q&A, sharing that he’s not optimistic that the season will resume due to the current climate of the situation surround COVID-19.

“When you look at it realistically, I thought early on, ‘Tes. Hey, it’s for sure, it’s too much money involved. It’s a billion dollar industry. They’ll find a way in June and July,'” Dudley told Lee. “But when you look at it, you’re like, ‘How do you play games at that time, when the death toll is going to be the highest? Is there going to be enough testing?’ Only seven teams got tested, less than 15 percent. And you’re going to have a season, where every player is going to have to get tested before we play again? So that’s a minimum of 450. Coaches are going to have to get tested. Training staffs. So you have at least a thousand people getting tested, and it’s going to have to be more than one time. So, you’re going to have to have thousands of tests on hand to be able to have (a resumption of the season), and are we going to be able to, as a society, to do that?”

Jared Dudley Not Optimistic About NBA Return

jared dudley

GettyLos Angeles Lakers forward Jared Dudley.

As Dudley points out multiple times in the interview, sports are very much an afterthought with the death toll and positive cases rising by the day. However, if the situation was right and players had appropriate time to prepare for a return.

“I want the season to come back. But I want us to be able to train our bodies to where we can’t use it as an excuse. For everybody. Because there is an excuse,” Dudley said. “If we have four to six weeks to get our body right, okay, from a physical standpoint, we’re right. Are we ready as a country? For one, I think there is going to be a time, basketball is going to be huge us to get back, for people to be able to cheer. We have to be able to start the process and I think basketball would be a good way.

“We don’t have the proper stuff right now,” Dudley continued. “Hopefully, we have a miracle and hopefully something changes in the next 60 days, but it’s looking more bleak by the day.”

NBA Looking at Creative Solutions for Return

If things are not back to semi-normal and the league is eager to resume, it could come down to a creative solution. There was a report from Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated that the NBA was looking to pull off its entire postseason in Las Vegas. Mannix said there it has not formally been laid out, but “nothing is off the table” when it comes to resuming play.

The Lakers are one of the teams with the most to lose when it comes to a full cancelation of the year. With LeBron James and Anthony Davis leading the way, the Lakers reeled off a 49-14 record and had their sights set on the franchise’s first title since 2010. While the superstar duo certainly were the catalysts in guiding the Lakers to the top of the West, chemistry throughout the roster also played a huge role in the team’s success.

“We’re going to have to recreate it,” Vogel said, per ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. “And I think it’s going to be difficult to just say, ‘Hey, maintain, maintain, maintain [during the break] and we just got to pick up right where we left off.’ We have to reestablish our chemistry, reestablish our work ethic, reestablish our conditioning and rhythm and timing. … But every team in the league is going to have to do that.”

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