Los Angeles Chargers Unveil New Uniforms [LOOK]

Los Angeles Chargers reveal new uniforms

Getty The Los Angeles Chargers will have a new look in 2020

Maybe it’s the lack of sports in the current climate that we’re living in, but an argument could be made that nothing in the NFL realm has been hyped up quite like the new Los Angeles Chargers‘ uniforms.

Rise and grind Chargers Hopefuls. Los Angeles fans set their alarm clocks for 6:45 am PST on Monday in anticipation of the team debuting the franchise’s new look on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football. While many may need an extra shot or two of espresso in their morning Starbucks, by most accounts, it was worth losing a couple of Z’s.

Chargers Debut Their New Look

Nike has been dragged through the mud in recent years for their uniform redesigns but it appears the masses agree, they hit a home run on this one.

Los Angeles sticks with their white helmet from years past, along with the gold facemask that was originally introduced in 2016 with their color rush uniforms and eventually became their main facemask in 2019. The lone alteration on the shells is the inclusion of the updated logo, which was introduced earlier this offseason. Oh, and the addition of players’ jersey numbers on both sides of the helmet, something fans have been clamoring for.

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For their home and away uniforms, the Chargers stuck with their iconic look, but with a more streamlined approach. The team eliminated an inclusion of navy blue in both uniforms. Furthermore, they eliminated the contrasting panels of the lighting bolts on the shoulders, allowing the bolt to serve as the true shoulder stripe.

The team’s much approved Color Rush uniforms are here to stay, but that’s not the only alternative set they’ll have in their rotation moving forward. The Chargers also unveiled an all-new Navy inspired look, which is completely void of powder blue, reminiscent of the Junior Seau days. These uniforms will also call for a chance in helmet decals, as well as switching their gold facemask to navy blue.

Lastly, the Bolts have four separate pants options, white, yellow, royal blue, and navy blue. All of these pants include the more streamlined bolt, as do the shoulder sleeves.

Did the New Chargers Unis Live Up the Hype?

The chatter surrounding these uniforms was unreal leading up to their debut, and when you finally lay eyes on them you see why.

In a league that has constantly struck out time and time again trying to appeal to the younger generation with in-your-face patterns, the Chargers kept it sleek and simple, and in return, nailed it.

So far, the Chargers, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons, Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots have all unveiled new/updated uniforms this offseason, all to wavering levels of approval. However, I think it’s safe to say the Chargers’ new threads sit in a tier on their own.

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