Michael Jordan Used to Color-Coordinate Ferraris & Shoes, Ex-Bull Says

Michael Jordan Netflix

Getty The new Michael Jordan documentary entitled "The Last Dance" is headed to Netflix

Sunday night marks the premiere of the highly anticipated ESPN documentary The Last Dance, which chronicles the final season of the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty in the late 90s.

At the time, it was seen as the final run for the Bulls and Michael Jordan. This is after he revealed that he would never play for another coach other than Phil Jackson. However, five years later, Jordan would return to the NBA as a member of the Washington Wizards.

Before Jordan made his return to the court, he used to run pickup games with former Bulls guard Jamal Crawford.

Crawford recently shared with Heavy.com, that Jordan color-coordinated his Air Jordan sneakers with the Ferrari he was driving on a given day.

“When we were playing together, I used to watch how he carried himself and how he dressed. His workout gear was all baggy and all Jordans, and he would wear a pair of Jordans that are probably still not out,” said Crawford. “Like you have not seen anyone else with them on, and then when you walk outside, he would have a matching Ferrari with the shoes. I’m like this guy is out of this world.”

“And I’m sure whatever pair of Jordans they were still hasn’t come out yet. I remember one pair was yellow and something else, and then when you walked outside, he would have the yellow Ferrari in the parking lot.  He was out of this world with everything he did; it wasn’t just on the basketball court.”

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Jamal Crawford Was Introduced to Michael Jordan by His Trainer, Tim Grover

Crawford told Hoopswave that Jordan’s trainer Tim Grover introduced the 19-year NBA veteran to MJ [Michael Jordan].

Crawford said in the Hoopswave interview:

Tim Grover calls me at like 6:30 in the morning. He’s like, ‘Hey MJ said you can meet him,’ and I’m like what, okay? This was when he was kind of prepping the year before he came back to the Wizards, so it was a year before he actually came back. So I drove down to the gym, and I get there at seven o’clock. It’s just him and MJ in there. MJ has been there since 6:00 a.m., and he was doing his defensive slide drills by himself. He was 40 years old, so instantly, the work ethic stuck with me. I’m like okay it’s no accident, why he is who he is.

After MJ was done going through his drills, he and Crawford would team up to hold court as they ran through their competition. The two never lost a game in the two years they played together, Crawford told Heavy.

“He wouldn’t play a pickup game until I got there because I would help the Bulls and had to drive down there, and he wouldn’t play until I got there,” he said. We “never lost in two years, and we played against everybody.”

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