NBA 2K20: 2010-11 Roster Under Construction With Prime LeBron James for PC

Getty LeBron James and Derek Fisher PC Mods

Modders are the best thing that ever happened to PC sports gaming. On Thursday, I was made aware of a new roster project from Shuajota aka Adrian Cañada for NBA 2K20. Shuajota has been churning out new cyberfaces for the NBA 2K PC community with regularity, and his latest project should interest many nostalgic NBA 2K fans.

The 2010-11 Roster Project

Shuajota is bringing the 2010-11 NBA season roster to life by touching up the faces of the players who are still in the game to make them match their likenesses 10 years ago. He’s creating versions of the players who aren’t in the game as well.

The objective is to upload this roster set so that PC users can download it, along with the files necessary for the upgraded versions of the players. If you have the roster, you could essentially re-play the 2010-11 NBA season.

The LeBron James Render is Fantastic

You saw the closeup image of the 26-year-old LeBron James in the image above, but take a look at these action shots to get a better look at how real it looks in the game.

NBA 2K20 – ShuajotaLeBron James mod for NBA 2K20


You may be thinking the LeBron James render in the game was fine, so why redo it. Well, the James render is excellent for the present-day King, but not the prime version of the future Hall-of-Famer.

That’s why this mod is strong.

Derek Fisher Was in Need of a Major Upgrade

James wasn’t the only player to get a facelift via the modder. Take a look at the before-and-after photo of Lakers legend Derek Fisher.


Again, Fisher wasn’t horribly rendered in 2K20, but the upgrade is apparent.

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Other Players Were Looking Forward to Seeing in the Mod

One glaring weakness in the NBA 2K20 roster is Andrew Bynum. For whatever reason, 2K doesn’t have the license to use Bynum in the game, though he has been a part of 2K games in the past.

In fact, Bynum’s absence is likely preventing 2K from including the Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol Lakers championship teams that are missing from the game’s classic teams roster.

An interesting inclusion in a 2010-11 season roster would be Monta Ellis. The high-scoring guard has seemingly been blackballed from the real NBA despite being seemingly capable of contributing to an NBA team. Getting a look at what Ellis looks like in this mod should be a treat.

What Shuajota is doing will help PC users who want one those teams, but doesn’t do anything for the console users. A tool that allowed console gamers to use a photo as the basis for the player creations would go a long way toward allowing users to go to the next level with their creations.

Still, it’s unlikely the platform will allow for this kind of detail.

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