NBA 2K20: Why You Probably Need Galaxy Opal James Harden in MyTeam

Getty Is a Kobe Bryant NBA 2K20 MyTeam card on the way, and will it be connected to the Galaxy Opal James Harden.

If you haven’t already ground your way to the Galaxy Opal version of James Harden in NBA 2K20 MyTeam, you might want to get on it. There is a chance having that card could be required to attain new Kobe Bryant content.

Ronnie 2K’s MyTeam Tease

NBA 2K’s Ronnie Singh aka Ronnie 2K has been teasing something big related to the Galaxy Opal Harden card for the past week, and members of the MyTeam community are beginning to suspect it has something to with a much-anticipated card honoring the late Bryant.

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What We Know

2K hasn’t publicly discussed new Bryant content.

However, Singh was overheard talking about “new Kobe content” on a recent Caffeine TV stream, which only heightened the anticipation. When you couple that with his tweets that are hyping up the Harden card, it equates to sensible speculation.

What’s Possible

If the Bryant card is on the way, it is poised to become a part of perhaps the most unstoppable dynamic duo in the MyTeam universe as a Galaxy Opal Shaquille O’Neal was introduced to the mode on Friday. A Bryant card was seemingly released earlier this year during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend in Chicago, but it was apparently pulled back.

It’s unclear why that happened, but I can confirm seeing it in the mode temporarily through a locker code before it disappeared.

Why it Makes Sense for the 2 Cards to Be Linked

If the Bryant card is coming and the potency of the Shaq card is any indication, it’s clear the former is going to have maxed-out ratings in every category. If that’s the case, 2K will want to make it difficult to get the card. However, they probably won’t make it available in any aspect of the mode where spending money increases your chances of earning the card.

Going any other route could create optics that will be perceived as exploitative.

The Harden card cannot be purchased. The only way to get it is to complete all of the Spotlight Sim Challenges that were created after the NBA’s season was shut down. These challenges offered some cards that have become serious players in the MyTeam meta, such as Cameron Reddish and Kevin Porter Jr.

They also lead to a Pink Diamond Pascal Siakam, Pink Diamond Brandon Ingram, which you must have to get the Harden. It’s quite possible you might have to collect the Harden–which means you’ll need to complete each of the Spotlight Sim Challenges–to get the Bryant card, which would seemingly have to be a Galaxy Opal.

That said, it will be frustrating to some if the only way to get the Bryant card is through this kind of grind, which can take 12 hours cumulatively to complete. It might be wise for 2K to also release a lesser version of Bryant–perhaps another Diamond-level Mamba like the one that currently exists.

If that card is on Triple Threat boards or even included in the Daily Login spins, it could give every one of Bryant’s fans who play MyTeam a chance to add him to their lineup.

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