Pete Carroll Hints at Seahawks’ Trade

Seattle Seahawks

Getty The Seahawks are looking to make additional signings.

There has been one thing consistent about the Seattle Seahawks’ drafts under GM John Schneider, and it is the team’s willingness to trade. The NFL draft format may be completely different in 2020, but Pete Carroll expects the Seahawks to be just as active.

Carroll has teamed up with Warriors head coach Steve Kerr to create a podcast entitled Flying Coach on The Ringer as a way to raise money to help with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Seahawks coach indicated they will have no hesitation to trade despite all NFL teams operating virtually.

“Probably the most intricate part of this [virtual draft] other than the analytics that have compiled to this point is the potential to move in the draft,” Carroll explained on the Flying Coach podcast. “We have been very, very active over the years and have always been looking for an opportunity. We consider it another chance to compete, and so we will consider [trades] with every pick that we are making in some way or another.”

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported that there are other NFL teams that will be hesitant to make deals under the revised draft format. Carroll’s comments indicate that the Seahawks are not one of those franchises.

“This is a common theme that league execs have heard from several teams that are hesitant to do deals on the clock this year, despite the league’s ability to slow things down for that matter,” Fowler tweeted.

The Seahawks Could Look to Trade Down From No. 27

The most predictable move the Seahawks could make is trading down (or out) in the first round which has happened in nearly every draft under Schneider. The Seahawks have traded their first-round pick in eight straight drafts, per The News Tribune’s Gregg Bell.

It is not impossible that the Seahawks will also debate trading up, but their track record suggests Seattle could wait until day two to make their first selection. One rival GM admitted to NBC Sports’ Peter King that Schneider trading down has become an annual tradition at the draft.

“Only two sure things in this draft: Joe Borrow to the Bengals and John Schneider trades down in the first round,” the GM explained to King.

Carroll Referred to His Relationship with Schneider as His 2nd Marriage

Carroll’s new podcast with Kerr is a must-listen for any Seahawks fans or even those obsessed with the draft. One of the things Carroll learned from his first NFL experience is that a coach’s relationship with the general manager is integral to the team’s success. Carroll joked that Schneider is his second marriage.

“To me, it’s the number one marriage that I have next to Glena,” Carroll joked. “This is a marriage, that we have to live together. We have to grow together. We have to accept each other’s unique ways. We have to find our way to get to a decision that we can really champion. And so, there’s give and take, there’s understanding. There is a real willingness to make the relationship great, and I’ve cherished that thought in the NFL when I came back to the league. It was really the most important thing that I was going to be part of was to connect with the general manager.”

The Seahawks are being forced to adapt to the new format just like every NFL team, but it sounds like Seattle is prepared to try to take advantage of the new setup with a willingness to be aggressive.

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