Steph Curry to Lakers’ JaVale McGee: I’m Putting 60 on ‘Everybody’

JaVale McGee, left, and Steph Curry, as teammates in 2018


At his peak, in 2015-16, Stephen Curry led the league in scoring with 30.1 points per game, won the league’s MVP award and did so with admirable humility and team-first disposition.

Forget that. After the year that he has had, Curry said he’s ready to go out and get 60 points. On everybody.

Some caveats. First, that’s not exactly what Curry said but it’s close. Second, he was clearly joking, doing an Instagram Live chat with former teammate and current Lakers JaVale McGee, who started the exchange by asking Curry, “What team or player on that team that you know is guarding you do you look at and be like, ‘Oh, I’m getting 60 tonight’?”

Curry stopped, said, “Oooh, and thought. Finally, he said, “Everybody.”

McGee then let out a holler of celebration, scooting off-camera as he shouted. “What is going on? Steph Curry just took shots at every player,” he said.

Curry smiled, eating soup or cereal or some other spoon-friendly item and said, “Quarantine done changed me. What’s next?”

McGee fired back, “I’m not going to lie, I was not expecting that answer.”

“I gave it just for you,” Curry said. “That was just for you.”

McGee, reveling, added, “I love it.”

McGee Finds Creative Way to Call Curry, ‘Ball Hog’

McGee, who was with the Warriors for two seasons—he won championships in Golden State in 2017 and 18—chatted with Curry in front of a whiteboard on which he wrote, “Pierre Show.” McGee is also a record producer who released an album two years ago under the alter-ego moniker, “Pierre.”

In another segment, McGee and Curry played the word game hangman and Mcgee went with a two-word answer, seven letters total. Curry got to B-A-L-L—O— before shouting out, “H to the G! Come on!” There it was: BALL HOG.

“Because you are a ball hog,” McGee explained. “You had a real shooter on your team in those championships and you never gave me the ball to shoot 3s. How about that?”

In his time with the Warriors, McGee took nine 3-pointers and missed all of them. He took one in the playoffs and missed it, too. He is 5-for-33 in his career as a 3-point shooter—and that includes 3-for-6 this year with the Lakers.

Curry Has Not Yet Scored 60 in a Game

Curry may be aiming to get 60 as many times as possible when the NBA does get back into action. Remember, he played only four games this season before he broke a finger. He came back in early March, played one game and was injured again. In total, Curry has played five games, averaging 20.8 points on a measly 40.2 percent shooting, 24.5 percent from the 3-point line.

The Warriors lost four of the five games in which Curry played and are just 15-50 this season.

In his NBA career, Curry has never gotten to 60 points in a game. He has topped 50 points five times—three with 51 points, once with 53 points in New Orleans on Halloween of 2015 and an unforgettable 54-pointer against the Knicks in 2013.

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