Todd Gurley’s Performance Coach Reveals RB’s Intense Quarantine Workout

Todd Gurley

Getty Todd Gurley warms up before his game.

Quarantine isn’t stopping Atlanta Falcons‘ new starting running back Todd Gurley from training for the upcoming season. Gurley’s performance coach, Coach J. Aggabao is helping Gurley stay motivated day in and day out and adjust to this new way of life for the time being.

J. was formerly the Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams from 2013 to 2107.  He built a strong relationship with Gurley during his rookie season.

Now, J. is the Director of Education & Elite Football Performance at the Mamba Sports Academy in California where Gurley trains daily. But due to the coronavirus outbreak, the doors have been closed to all services except physical therapy.

Luckily, Gurley lives just one exit up from J. so it makes it possible for them to continue getting their workout routine in.

Since the Academy is closed, Gurley’s neighbor has been generous enough to let them use his weight room. The room is separated from the house so they don’t actually interact with the neighbor.

What Does Gurley’s Quarantine Workout Look Like?

While nothing seems to be normal right now, but J. is doing the best he can to keep things normal for Gurley.

“The big thing is making sure he has a good routine. He has a structured routine that he goes through, Monday through Friday, J. told He trains twice a day. Each are two-hour blocks. He has a training session in the morning, doing different things that I would call are more rehab—taking care of different modalities, making sure he’s ready to rock n’ roll for the afternoon session. The afternoon session is where I get into more strength performance. And then throughout the week he’ll mix it up and add yoga in there and we’ll go on hikes to get outdoors.”

J. added, “They aren’t crazy, climbing hikes or that you have to walk with a walking stick. It’s a chance to get out of the house, walk in nature, appreciate the outdoors and fresh air.”

How is Gurley Handling the Unexpected?

The coronavirus has shifted the NFL offseason to an online format of meetings and the future of the NFL starting on time is uncertain.

J. is able to make sure that Gurley is physically prepared and says that being able to do that also helps him be mentally prepared for whatever happens.

“Whether it’s Todd or the other players, their biggest concern is what’s going to happen with this offseason. They’re trying to navigate that, whether it’s with the NFLPA and their teams. They’re all trying to navigate those waters right now and figure out what’s going to happen there.”

Right now, there is only one key for Gurley and these other players to stay sane through quarantine and adapt.

“I think the possibilities are what excites everybody. Obviously even with the unknown just being able to get a routine helps. Having his structure and knowing where he’s going to be when he wakes up, he trains, gets a break, comes and trains again. Then whether it’s having a massage or yoga in the afternoon or whatever it is, just being able to have a routine and maintain some sense of normal is key.”

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What Kind of Guy is Gurley Off of the Field?

“To me, Todd is a very great guy to be around. He’s a good teammate, good energy, he’s funny, he knows how to have fun and enjoy life. He embraces life.”

J. gets to see a side of Gurley that a lot of other people don’t get to see, especially in a time like this.

“My thing about him is, he enjoys life, that’s the best way to put it. Going out there, going on hikes, just being alive. He has a good time with life. He knows how to have a great time just going on a hike, hanging out with good people. He’s just a good human being.”

Gurley is Very, VERY Excited to Return to Come Home

It doesn’t get old hearing how excited Gurley is to come home to Georgia because the fans are just as excited as he is.

“He’s very excited about coming back home to Georgia, to the Atlanta area to enjoy the energy. I’m sure he’s looking forward to the fans, whenever that can actually occur.”

J. is just as excited about Gurley’s new journey as Gurley is and can’t wait to watch him thrive in Atlanta.

“I’m excited to watch him I think it’s going to be different for him. I was there during his rookie year. I saw his first two years in the league, that was tremendous. Had a great run under coach McVay but sometimes things happen for a reason and whatever happened is in the past and at this point, I think he’s just looking forward to having fun with new teammates and a new environment too. He’s going to a pretty good team so it’s going to be fun to watch.”

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