WWE’s Vince McMahon Stopped Traffic In Front of Madison Square Garden


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If you want to hear good stories then you may want to remember to ask WWE Hall of Famer, Mark Henry.

The World’s Most Strongest Man stopped by Instagram Live this week and participated in a Q&A on my #WORDSWITHSCOOP segment.

He discussed the Undertaker, Wrestlemania 36 & more.

Henry also discuseed retirement and a funny story about how Vince McMahon literally stopped traffic in Manhattan in fron of Madison Square Garden.

Check out my notes below:

Mark Henry on retirement and Vince McMahon:

“It was a lot reality to it because I was actually thinking about retiring and I had started the process of moving away. I had planned on retiring and it just so happened that Vince was able to talk me out if it. He said, “Man you’re too young. You haven’t even starting giving back to the business yet.” And he implored – and he guilt tripped the shit out of me [laughs]…I didn’t want to leave the business worse than I found it, I wanted to leave the business to be better when I left. And I said you know what? I’m doing my thing but I can do more…I was like if we’re going to do it, let’s do it in a big way. And he was able to say man what are you thinking? It was only just me and him. Never told anybody. And the day of the supposedly retirement, we flipped the script. And anybody who says they saw it coming, you’re a lying ass. Because nobody knew. Not even other people in production. Not other people in the company. It was a Vince McMahon original. Like once again, Vince is undefeated man…I remember 2012 or ’13, we were wrestling at Madison Square Garden and Vince had went around the wrong way to come into the building and they STOPPED the traffic on 34th Street and let Vince turn around his Bentley around in the street and drive head on into the traffic and turn the wrong way down another street to turn into the Garden. I said man everybody can’t do that! They won’t do that for any athletes or celebrities. They wouldn’t do it for mayors. They probably won’t do it for a governor. Only a president can get that type of treatment – Vince McMahon! And he just bust out laughing. I said to him, ‘You a G ain’t you?’ he said, “Yeah I’m a G.” I got him to say that he’s a G And that was one of my proudest moments!”

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