Rob Gronkowski Shockingly Wins Belt at Wrestlemania [WATCH]

Rob Gronkowski


Former New England Patriots football star Rob Gronkowski hosted WrestleMania 36 Saturday and Sunday night. He almost won the WWE 24/7 championship title during Saturday night’s Day One action but was pulled from the pin of reigning champion R-Truth by longtime friend and WWE athlete Mojo Rawley.

Rawley ended up the new 24/7 titleholder but it only lasted for one night. Because Gronkowski got his revenge over Rawley after the neophyte leaped into a massive fray of various fighters to score the surprise WWE 24/7 championship win.

You can watch Gronk’s big jump below as well as his title-winning pin of Rawley.

How Gronk Captured WWE 24/7 Title

There seemed to be a big brawl that broke out among some of the trainees at the Performance Center in Orlando. It would make sense that all the trainees there would want to pin Rawley to become WWE 24/7 champion. That’s a sure way from the Performance Center to the Raw or Smackdown roster.

But Gronkowski saw all of it unfold from his perch as the host of WrestleMania 36. He took advantage of the situation by diving back-first on top of the pile of bodies. Once everyone was smashed, Gronkowski pinned Mojo for the WWE 24/7 championship win.

Gronk Must Be Ready to Defend His Title 24/7

The win netted Gronk a title belt he must be ready to defend 24 hours a day.

Fall and pins count anywhere for the WWE’s 24/7 championship, so he’s sure to play a big part in the various storylines surrounding that belt moving forward. That storyline will very likely include his longtime friend Rawley who Gronk pinned for the win with maybe an eventual match between the two coming down the line at a PPV event later in the year.

In fact, Gronk’s new life seemed to start just as soon as he scored the championship victory. Because right after he pulled out the stunning win over Rawley, Titus O’Neil took over the role as host of WrestleMania 36.

Is Gronk’s Future in the WWE?

Gronkowski retired from professional football last year after nine seasons in the NFL and three Super Bowl rings.

The 30-year-old suffered multiple injuries during his career with the New England Patriots and was having a hard time staying on the field for the whole season toward the end of his excellent run there.

Still, the 6-foot-6, 268-pound athlete could have a bright future as a WWE superstar. His giant frame gives him a chance and his supreme athleticism is something that could only help him find success in the world of professional wrestling.

If anything, Gronkowski will at least have scored a huge title win at WrestleMania 36.

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