San Francisco 49ers Schedule 2020: Week 10 Opponent Leaked

Getty The San Francisco 49ers have their first opt-out of the 2020 NFL season.

The San Francisco 49ers schedule is starting to take shape ahead of the NFL’s official release at 5 p.m. ET, as the Niners and the faithful figure out how what path San Francisco has to take to make a second-straight Super Bowl.

The 49ers won the NFC West en route to their NFC Championship title and ensuing Super Bowl appearance, rattling off a 13-3 record in head coach Kyle Shanahan’s first winning season since taking the reins in Santa Clara, California.

Besides the always-tantalizing home-and-away matchups with the Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams, the 49ers already know their complete list of opponents due to their finish in the NFC West, which you can find further down this page.

Trustworthy Leaks

Nick Underhill Reports Saints/49ers Clash for Week 10

A rematch of the NFL’s best game in 2019 is potentially on the cards.

Saints reporter Nick Underhill reported that the 49ers will take the road to the Big Easy in Week 10, setting up a high-stake matchup in the back-half of the season.

In 2019, the 49ers eeked out a 48-46 win over the Saints in Week 14 for a massive late-season victory. The Saints were favored at home by 1.5, but Niners QB Jimmy Garoppolo threw for 349 yards and four touchdowns.

However, it wasn’t his scores that ended up being the game-deciding play, but instead his fourth-down conversion to tight end George Kittle, setting up kicker Robbie Gould for a chip-shot winner.

John Clayton Reports AFC-NFC Clashes to Open Season (Older/Conflicting)

Long-time NFL reporter John Clayton spoke to Pittsburgh radio station 93.7 “The Fan” on Wednesday, dropping a pretty important detail about the 2020 schedule.

If this is true, that would mean the 49ers will play the AFC East in the opening four games of the season. This could be a blessing and a curse for the 49ers, depending on how it shakes out.

The 49ers welcome the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills to the west coast, but travel for games against the New England Patriots and New York Jets.

This would guarantee that the Niners don’t have to visit Gillette Field or play the Jets in the late stages of the season, which is a positive for any time. However, San Francisco will take the road against the New York Giants as well, so a second, later trip to MetLife Stadium will still be a guarantee.

The 49ers will hope they can get their home and away games back-to-back rather than making round-trip flights coast-to-coast for the first four weeks.

Nick Underhill Provides Report That Conflicts with Clayton’s (Older/Conflicting)

New Orleans Saints reporter Nick Underhill recently reported that the New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will open their respective seasons against each other.

The report says that the Saints will host QB Tom Brady’s first game as a Buccaneer on September 13 at 3:25 p.m. CT.

The Niners only have the Saints from the NFC South on the schedule this year, but this report being true means that San Francisco would likely not open the season with AFC East opponents to start the season.

This could be a blessing or a curse for San Francisco, depending on how things shake out. Knocking out the back-and-forth of playing the AFC East would be ideal, but it would also be a challenging way to open the season.

This section will be updated with more news and reliable leaks as they are released. Stay tuned.

List of 2020 Opponents


  • Arizona Cardinals (All-Time: 30-23 Home: 18-9, Current Streak: 2W)
  • Seattle Seahawks (All-Time: 17-26. Home: 9-11. Current Streak: 1W)
  • Los Angeles Rams (All-Time: 57-50-2. Home: 26-27-2. Current Streak: 2W)
  • Buffalo Bills (All-Time: 6-6. Home: 4-3. Current Streak: 1L)
  • Miami Dolphins (All-Time: 6-7. Home: 3-3. Current Streak: 1L)
  • Green Bay Packers (All-Time: 17-22. Home: 10-7. Current Streak: 2W)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (All-Time: 15-12. Home: 7-8. Current Streak: 1L)
  • Washington Redskins (All-Time: 18-10-1. Home: 10-3-1. Current Streak: 1W)


  • Arizona Cardinals (All-Time: 31-26. Away: 12-14. Current Streak 2W)
  • Seattle Seahawks (All-Time: 17-26. Away: 8-15. Current Streak 1W)
  • Los Angeles Rams (All-Time: 57-50-2. Away: 31-23. Current Streak 2W)
  • New England Patriots (All-Time: 8-5. Away: 4-3. Current Streak 1L)
  • New York Jets (All-Time: 10-3. Away: 6-1. Current Streak 1L)
  • Dallas Cowboys (All-Time: 15-17-1. Away: 7-7-1. Current Streak 2L)
  • New York Giants (All-Time: 19-17. Away: 7-9. Current Streak 1L)
  • New Orleans Saints (All-Time: 49-26-2. Away: 26-14. Current Streak 1W)

Tentative Schedule

    • Week 1 (TBA) (Possibly AFC East Opponent)
    • Week 2 (TBA) (Possibly AFC East Opponent)
    • Week 3 (TBA) (Possibly AFC East Opponent)
    • Week 4 (TBA) (Possibly AFC East Opponent)
    • Week 5 (TBA)
    • Week 6 (TBA)
    • Week 7 (TBA)
    • Week 8 (TBA)
    • Week 9 (TBA)
    • Week 10: @New Orleans Saints (Underhill)
    • Week 11 (TBA)
    • Week 12 (TBA)
    • Week 13 (TBA)
    • Week 14 (TBA)
    • Week 15 (TBA)
    • Week 15 (TBA)
    • Week 16 (TBA)
    • Week 17 (TBA)

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