Falcons New Uniform Ranked the Worst According to CBS Sports

Matt Ryan

Getty Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons released their official new uniforms a month ago and there have been mixed feelings about the “new era” look.

Six out of 32 teams have changed their uniforms for this upcoming season and CBS Sports ranked them from worst to best, starting with the Falcons.

Here’s a look at the rankings from worst to best:

6. Atlanta Falcons
5. Indianapolis Colts
4. New England Patriots
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2. Cleveland Browns
1. Los Angeles Chargers

‘Brutally Generic’

CBS Sports reporter, Pete Blackburn gave a rundown on why the Falcons’ new uniforms are subpar.

“You can make the argument that the Falcons were due for a refresh on their look, which has remained largely the same since the Mike Vick era, but you certainly can’t make the argument that this is the best they could have done,” Blackburn said.

Blackburn compared the Falcons effort to the NFL video game uniforms on Madden.

“There’s a fine line between “minimalistic” and “generic” and, unfortunately, Atlanta’s new threads land on the side of brutally generic. They look like the uniforms you’d be given after relocating a franchise in Madden. Red, white and black is an easy color scheme to make pop but somehow these fall flat.”

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Wait, There’s Some Upside

While Blackburn believes there’s mostly a downside to the changes, he does mention some upsides.

“There are a few positives: The enlarged helmet decal looks pretty nice, as does the chrome outline around the logo. I also like the switch face masks. And while I do respect them for going for it on the gradient look, the execution comes up a bit short.”

Still, he’s not a huge fan. But you know who is? Deion Sanders and Sanders’ opinion matters more.

Sanders ‘Absolutely Loves Them’

Falcons Hall of Fame cornerback, Deion Sanders spoke with Andrew Siciliano of NFL Network’s Total Access on the Falcons’ new uniform design. It was also the perfect time for him to suggest the Falcons retire his old jersey.

“I absolutely love them,” Sanders said on Total Access.

You could see that Sanders was thrilled with the new look by the tone in his voice.  However, there was a catch:

“Although I wish they would have incorporated red pants. I need red pants in there as well. Only thing I don’t like about these uniforms is I really do think they need to take No. 21 and put it up in the rafters and leave it alone. Leave it alone. LEAVE IT ALONE.”

Of course, the Falcons didn’t’ retire his number. Todd Gurley will now rep No. 21 at running back.

Meaning Behind the Design

The Falcons put a ton of thought into the uniform change. For nearly two decades fan research was collected from focus groups. Current and former Falcons players gave their input too. Here’s what the results appeared to gather: own red, but bring on the black, reflect the modern progression of the city, and lastly keep it simple and stay true to our roots.

The new design is meant to reflect the past and present, the pride of Atlanta, and their prestige home turf, Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

At the end of the day, someone was going to hate them, so let it be Pete Blackburn.

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