Conor McGregor Wants You to ‘Get Over It, Baby’

UFC's Conor McGregor


UFC superstar Conor McGregor wants you to “get over it” already. The 31-year-old Irish knockout machine knows he ruffled some feathers over the weekend when he suggested he was already at least the second-best UFC fighter ever and that “maybe” he was already tied for first place.

After McGregor’s longtime coach John Kavanagh added to the debate by suggesting his fighter was at least the best “prizefighter” in MMA history, McGregor broke his social media silence on Wednesday to express being wholeheartedly in support of that idea.

“I’m just the f*cking GOAT,” McGregor said. “Get over it baby, and get with it!”

A few minutes later, McGregor proclaimed himself to be “The Billi GOAT.”

McGregor’s Advice to Everyone:  ‘Love Me!’

A few more minutes later, McGregor joyfully expressed some advice to his millions of followers.

“Man, just love me! That’s all. Love me like you know you want to. Like you know you do! It will open up all the chambers of possibility!”

He wasn’t transparent about why he was suggesting that to people out of the blue, but a quick review of all the mean and nasty things some people tweet at the champ every time he posts to social media might be a cause.

Regardless, McGregor’s ability to believe in himself is something that catapulted the fighter from relative Irish obscurity into the vast realms of international superstardom. He’s not off base for hoping others might continue to believe in the fighter, too.

That’s the key phrase in McGregor’s world: believe. McGregor doesn’t seem to just believe in the power of positive thinking or making affirmations.

No, the first UFC fighter to simultaneously hold titles in two divisions at the same time believes in the true power of his authentic beliefs.

And McGregor truly believes he’s the best, and he’s done much inside the UFC’s Octagon to suggest he’s not far off it.

“True self honesty. I’m the baddest at this game by fucking far,” McGregor posted.

Poll Reveals Where McGregor Ranks on Own List

McGregor’s UFC GOAT rankings were (in order) Anderson Silva, McGregor, Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones.

While the other three fighters on McGregor’s list seemed to have compelling cases for the top spot all on their own, McGregor seemed so sure that he belonged in one of the top two spots that he almost immediately sparked a debate about the rankings across the world.

BT Sport’s Chamatkar Sandhu started a poll for his followers to vote on which of the four fighters McGregor suggested should be ranked in the top spot.

After over 14,000 votes, McGregor was slotted third behind the overwhelming choice for the No. 1 spot St-Pierre and No. 2 Jones.

Perhaps just as interesting? McGregor placed ahead of the Irishman’s own pick for No. 1 MMA GOAT Silva.

So McGregor’s claim to being one of the best fighters ever isn’t without at least a little credibility.

It’s one thing to claim something so grand as a personal belief.

It’s quite another to have so many other people across the world buy into, too.

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