Falcons Star ‘Accidentally’ Becomes a Bread-Baking Expert

Alex Mack

Getty Alex Mack #51 of the Atlanta Falcons.

Thanks to quarantine, we have all found a new hobby. For Atlanta Falcons six-time Pro Bowl center Alex Mack, he’s found his niche in baking.

In a recent interview with The Athletic, Mack revealed that he accidentally bought 50 pounds of flour on Amazon.

Of course, he wasn’t going to let it go to waste so he bought a recipe book and went on YouTube to learn how to bake.

“I needed flour so I went on Amazon, and I really didn’t pay attention to the size or anything, and I ended up buying a 50-pound bag of flour,” he told the website. “I didn’t realize how much flour 50 pounds was. So now I’m baking bread just to get rid of all the flour.”

Mack’s Creations

The 6-foot-4, 311-pound Falcons star has been showing off his creations across his Twitter and other social media accounts. According to Mack’s Twitter account, he’s made French bread, a standard loaf, pizza, brioche bread, and even some English muffins for a homemade breakfast sandwich.

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Don’t Worry, He’s Working Off the Dough

Mack also made it clear he’s not obsessed with baking, but he’s made a lot.

“To be fair, I’m not fanatical about it, like I’m doing it every day,” Mack, 34, told The Athletic. “But I’ve made a fair amount of bread items.”

As we all know, bread is considered to be very bad for our bodies, but Mack has found his balance between working out to keep the extra pounds off and baking.

He mentioned how it’s a light workout itself and requires “a fair amount of grip strength that’s required to do the kneading, folding, and that stuff.” Mack says he usually works out while he waits for his dough to rise.

“It usually works out that I have two good hours to get a workout in between steps, before I circle back [to the bread],” he said.

Mack’s 12th Year

Mack is heading into his 12th season in the NFL. His goal was to play 10, but he’ surpassed that now. He will turn 35 this year and at the end of his contract, but is up for a 13th year if the Falcons still want him around.

“If we have a really good year and do everything we want, and I feel great and they want me back again, absolutely, let’s do it again,” he said. “There’s no real use in me worrying about it too much now. You take it as it comes. You play the year out and see where things are when it is time to make a decision.”

Atlanta did think about the Falcons’ future when it came to the center position and turned to top center in the draft, Matthew Hennessy. Mack is aware that Hennessy is his future replacement and only has one goal in mind—”help him be as good as he can be,” Mack told ESPN.

If I get hurt and he steps in and plays awesome at center, well all my teammates that I care about now have a better [prepared] center. I’m fortunate to be in a position where if I coach him so well and he takes my job, well, I’ll be OK. I’ll survive. I’ll move on. I’ll retire from football or I’ll go somewhere else. I’d love to be able to have the right attitude and help.”

If anything, Mack has bread-baking to fall back on.

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