Lance Armstrong’s Ex-Wife Kristin Leaned on Faith After Divorce

Lance Armstrong Wife

Getty Lance Armstrong pictured with his ex-wife Kristin Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong’s ex-wife Kristin Armstrong met the cyclist in January 1997 when she was working for a public relations firm in Austin, Texas, per Lance had just finished chemotherapy and Kristin described things initially as a “business relationship” before turning romantic.

“He had just finished up his chemotherapy,” Kristin told “He was bald and cute, and it was a business relationship at first that evolved into a friendship.”

The couple got married in 1998 and later divorced in 2003. Lance has had several relationships since their divorce and is now engaged to longtime girlfriend Anna Hansen. Kristin opened up about their divorce in a 2006 Glamour article where she described herself before and after their marriage.

“Ten years ago I never would have expected my life to turn out quite the way it did,” Kristin noted. “At 24 I had bought my first house and was working for a high-tech company in Austin, Texas. I had adopted a dog named Jake from the pound and drove a cute little green Miata that I paid for in full. I was career-minded and single-minded. I was also headstrong and naive; I treasured my self-sufficiency so much that I scoffed at women who gave up their jobs, stayed home to take care of children or relied on men for anything.”

Lance & Kristin Have 3 Kids Together: Luke, Isabelle & Grace

The former couple have twin daughters, Isabelle and Grace, along with a son, Luke. Kristin admitted to losing her identity after marrying Lance and focusing on being a full-time mom. She quit her job and ended up moving to France in an effort to further Lance’s cycling career.

“Then I fell in love,” Kristin detailed in Glamour. “I met Lance Armstrong, the Texas cyclist who was battling testicular cancer, at a press conference I’d planned for his foundation’s first cancer fund-raiser. Soon I was joyfully sporting an engagement ring with a hefty rock the size of my dilated pupil in a darkroom. I was so enamored with my new stature as part of a couple that I paid more attention to my left hand than to readying my heart for the journey ahead. I quit my job, rented out my house, gave my dog to an old boyfriend, sold my car and moved to France so Lance could reenter the world of professional cycling.”

Kristin Leaned on Her Faith in the Midst of Their Divorce

During their divorce, Kristin leaned on her faith to get through dark days and remain positive for their children. She also penned a devotional entitled Happily Ever After in an effort to offer healing for others going through a divorce.

“…I’m a Christian…Catholic. I’ve always been this way, but I think definitely any time you go through a season or trial in your life, your faith deepens,” Kristin explained to “It’s something beautiful that comes out of a difficult time. At least, it worked that way for me. There’s no doubt about it, I wouldn’t have made it without it.”

Kristin became a writer who has appeared in a number of notable publications including Tribeza Magazine, Runner’s World, HuffPost, The San Diego Union-Tribune and Spokesman-Review. She is also an avid runner who has participated in marathons.

“In my first marathon, I tried to be like Lance, who, as long as he’s pushing himself as an athlete and going fast, doesn’t have to deal with his emotions,” Kristin explained to The New York Times in 2004. “But I realized that I didn’t need to run away from my despair or misery, that I could handle things. I realized that we were not alike in that way. Now I’ve embraced my pain and realize it’s O.K. to be sad. Now I can say, ‘Lance has the life he wants, and that’s his now.’ Even though my life isn’t the family life I had planned, I’m happy with it. For the kids, I have to be.”

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