NFL WR Cody Latimer’s Attorney Makes Major Claim About Gun Case

Cody Latimer

Getty/Douglas County Sheriff\'s Department Cody Latimer currently with the Washington Redskins (shown with the Giants), and his mugshot.

Washington Redskins wide receiver Cody Latimer was arrested early Saturday morning in Douglas County, Colorado, and he is facing multiple felony charges. Latimer was accused of threatening an individual, later revealed to be Roderick English, with a gun and discharging the weapon after the two got into an argument during a poker game.

Latimer has been charged with assault in the second degree, menacing, illegal discharge of a firearm, prohibited use of a weapon and reckless endangerment, according to the Douglas County Sheriff Department.

Latimer posted $25,000 bail on Saturday and was released. He is now scheduled for a July 24 court date.

Latimer’s Lawyer Stated in Court That the Incident Stemmed From an Argument About an Alleged Sexual Assault

In a police report obtained by 9news, Latimer was attending a poker game at the home of his best friend, Roderick English. There was a group of around seven or eight people in the apartment, and Latimer and English were both drinking alcohol, English told police. Latimer and another unnamed person got into an argument during the game.

The police report did not indicate the nature of the argument, but at a hearing on Monday, Latimer’s lawyer, Harvey Steinberg, said it stemmed from an allegation of a sexual assault on a 4-year-old. ESPN’s Adam Schefter and John Keim reported that Steinberg told the court that he had been contacted by law enforcement about an investigation into a sexual assault involving Latimer’s four-year-old son that was “allegedly perpetrated by one of the individuals at that poker game.”

Steinberg told the court that the alleged gun incident with Latimer occurred around the same time and location as the alleged sexual assault, the outlet reported. When the two got into the argument, English broke it up and ordered everyone to leave his home.

Police Say Latimer Returned to English’s Home & Fired 2 Shots Near English & His Girlfriend

According to the police report, Latimer returned to the apartment 30 minutes later, angry and agitated. English told police that Latimer blamed English for the argument, and the NFL wide receiver pulled out a handgun from his hoodie.

He allegedly waved the gun in the air, but not directly at English or English’s girlfriend. As per the police report, Latimer said he was going to “kill everybody.” Latimer then said he wouldn’t hurt English or his girlfriend. The situation de-escalated after Latimer emptied the magazine and cleared the chamber of the gun.

According to the police report obtained by 9news, Latimer became angry again and ended up firing two shots near English and his girlfriend. The two men got into a physical altercation after Latimer fired the weapon, with English pinning Latimer to a wall and Latimer striking English in the head with the handgun.

English was able to hold onto Latimer even after being hit on the top of the head with the weapon, the police report said. The altercation ended when Latimer told English to calm down.

After receiving a call of shots fired inside English’s home in the Zenith Meridian Apartments, police arrived and arrested Latimer. English was detained and taken for medical attention to treat a contusion on the top of the head and a cut on his face.

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