Odell Beckham-Dallas Cowboys Pairing ‘Ideal’ Reveals NFL Legend Tiki Barber

Getty Odell Beckham Jr. #13 of the Cleveland Browns warms up prior to the start of the game against the Seattle Seahawks at FirstEnergy Stadium on October 13, 2019, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Odell Beckham is a major talent in the National Football League.

A three-time Pro Bowler, Beckham became the fastest player in NFL history to reach both 200 career receptions and 4,000 career receiving yards.

The former New York Giants wide receiver is now a member of the Cleveland Browns and teamed up with quarterback, Baker Mayfield.

Drafted 12th overall in the 2014 NFL Draft by the New York Giants, Beckham has been theorized in a myriad of potential trades.

Appearing on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, I discussed Beckham and more with NFL legend, Tiki Barber.

Check out my notes from our dialogue below:

Tiki Barber on Odell Beckham:

“I mean we are so litigious these days. It was no malice or forethought with Odell Beckham and the LSU Championship when he was down there. Maybe he was a little bit high on something, inebriated…I mean; he’s celebrating his alma mater’s victory. I mean LSU’s been good, but they’ve never been like, dominant and if you’re alum you revel in that man! And he’s one of the great alums from LSU. So I get it, yeah. But back in the Last Dance era, the Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone era it was just different man. There were just fights! Remember the ‘Malice at the Palace’? That changed the world bruh. I think it was like for the first time ever, a fan realized that you have NO business being in an altercation a professional athlete [laughs]…but that was the era that the ‘Last Dance’ was in and you could get away with being off the wall a little bit and throwing hands and feeling passive-aggressive all those other things. And today’s society because it’s so social media influenced and exposed; anything you do even if it’s benign, gets blown out of proportion, so you can’t control the narrative right? Well, this is what actually happened –it doesn’t matter. People are going to say what happened or at least what they think happened and it kind of gets out of hand. You know, it’s funny. Because we’re all locked in and watching stuff on all these streaming platforms, my wife and I started watching ‘The Great’ on Hulu; it’s about Catherine the Great and her husband Peter, who was Peter the Great’s son but he’s kind of a dufus in a sense. She wants to take over the country and so there’s a point where Russia and Sweden are at war and the two leaders of the countries, Peter and I forget the other president’s name meet. And the wife of the Swedish president or emperor says, ‘No matter what happens, the first lie wins.’ And so like, if you think about social media these days, if a lie gets out there or something gets out there, it’s gonna win. You know, it’s going to hard to overtake it, and so when the narrative gets out there about a player, it’ll be hard to change it. Even if it’s not true.”

Tiki Barber on what Odell Beckham would go to if he left Cleveland:

“Dallas maybe?…a team that could handle that’s used to handling big egos like that…Dallas would be ideal. I would hate it though, because it would be pain for my Giants because, we would see him twice a year and it might be the kind of move that would put them over the top, even though they don’t need him. The Cowboys are so deep right now at wide receiver with Amari Cooper and they drafted CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup is good as well so, they don’t need him but Dallas would fit him because of their ability to absorb egos like that. Other than that, it’s hard to think of a team that fits his personality. From a coaching standpoint, other players on the team standpoint Dallas is the only other team that comes to mind. As crazy as it sounds, the Cowboys man.”

Tiki Barber on why Odell Beckham didn’t fit with the Giants:

“When this trade happened a couple years ago, I was one of the first to think, ‘I think Odell wanted to be traded.’ I know it’s getting positioned as ‘getting rid of the headache’ , but I felt like Odell wanted out of New York because it was getting to be somewhat of a distraction and he felt and he even said this, “That the structure of the offense with an aging Eli, a compromised offensive line…” and he wasn’t going to reach his fullest potential with the Giants as they were currently constructed. Now the crazy thing is, if he would’ve hung on for another year and Daniel Jones comes in and you start to build some of these weapons around him, if Odell Beckham was with the Giants right now…forget it. Talk about skill. Him and Saquon and Daniel Jones, I mean it would’ve been sick! Sterling Shepherd, Darius Slay had a good season last year; it’s a shame. But also why it didn’t work is he got bigger; like his brand – it got bigger than the brand that was on the field. It becomes unwinnable.”

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