Ex-Raider & Current Bronco Shelby Harris Rips Team for Move to Las Vegas

shelby harris

Getty Denver Broncos DL Shelby Harris.

The season is still months away, but rival teams for the Las Vegas Raiders are already trying to stir the pot. This time, the Denver Broncos have them in their crosshairs. There’s a lot of talk surrounding the team’s move to Las Vegas. An NFL team has never played in Sin City, so the Raiders will have to learn on the fly what home games might look like. The silver and black have one of the most ravenous fan bases in the league, but there are concerns that they might not be able to take over Allegiant Stadium like they were able to take over the Oakland Coliseum.

Defensive lineman Shelby Harris once played for the Raiders, but now calls Denver home. He doesn’t think the move will be successful.

“I don’t think it’s going to be the same,” Harris said. “I just don’t see them having much of a hometown appeal. I feel like it’s going to be more like a tourist thing of like, ‘Oh, we’re in Vegas, let’s go to the game.’”

Harris was then asked about the Vegas Golden Knights NHL team, which has found great success.

“Yeah, you have to be good, though,” Harris replied.

That’s pretty bold words from a player who has never gone to the playoffs with his current steam. In fact, the Broncos haven’t been to the playoffs since 2015 and have only had one season with a winning record. No, the Raiders haven’t been great over the last three years, but the Broncos have no room to talk.

Tickets Sales Say Otherwise

For some reason, there’s a narrative going around that Raider games in Las Vegas won’t be home games. However, the team has sold out of season tickets. Tourists don’t buy season tickets, fans do. Plus, Raider fans travel very well and the massive Los Angeles fan base is a lot closer to Las Vegas than they were to Oakland.

Sure, it’s very possible that crowds will he much diverse than they were in the past, but the Raiders aren’t the Chargers, they have a very loyal fan base. Time will tell if fears about losing a home-field advantage are realized, but it seems very unlikely. Either way, ticket prices have skyrocketed for the team.

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Raiders Have Better Record in Rivalry

While we’re on the subject of Raiders vs. Broncos, it’s important to note that there’s one team that has the edge in the rivalry. Both teams have three Super Bowl titles, so neither has the edge in that regard. However, the Raiders have beaten the Broncos 65 times in the history of their rivalry compared to 53 losses.

Denver would have to win every game against Las Vegas for the next six seasons in order to catch up. They haven’t swept the Raiders since 2014, so that seems unlikely. Now, the Broncos have been the better team over the last two decades as they’ve won a Super Bowl and been to the playoffs a lot more. That said, the Raiders are on an upward trend and could see their fortunes improve over the next few years.

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