NFL Insider Reveals Front-Runner to Sign Jadeveon Clowney

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Getty Jadeveon Clowney has kept the NFL waiting on his free-agent decision.

Seattle Seahawks free-agent Jadeveon Clowney remains on the market as we approach the third month in the process. With the waning market, Clowney was thought to be considering a short-term deal. Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson reported that Clowney is still likely to sign a longer deal, even if it is for less money than he initially expected.

“Look, you’re on Clowney’s schedule because Clowney is sitting here,” Robinson said on The Pat McAfee Show. “I’ll tell you what his thought process is right now. Do I do a one-year deal? Because I feel like I did a one-year deal last year essentially finishing out the move to Seattle last year. I did a one-year deal, the prove-it deal. It didn’t work out. My sack numbers weren’t great, the pressures weren’t great. I wasn’t always a 100 percent healthy and teams are all sitting there staring at me going, ‘Hey man, when are you going to have the pop season. When are you going to have the 12 to 14, 15-sack season? You haven’t done that. We’re not going to pay you like you’re a 15-sack guy. You want $20 million, that’s a 12 to 15-sack guy every single year.'”

The question remains where Clowney is going to find a long-term deal. Secondly, how much Clowney is willing to come down from his expected value to what he is able to secure during an unconventional free-agency period.

The Browns Are Reportedly the Front-Runners to Land Clowney

Robinson went on to mention the Browns as a team still interested in signing Clowney to a long-term contract. Robinson explained that the Browns have “the money and has the interest still” making them the top contender.

“I think the Browns are interested in him longer term than that,” Robinson continued. “And if he is going to sign a reduced deal, I am telling you right now that’s a one-year deal. He’s not going to take some contract where someone is going to pay him $14 million a year. There is not going to be a five-year, $14 million APY deal that he is going to sign. That’s going to be a one-year deal, he’s going to try to prove it again. But I don’t think he wants to go through that process again. If he wants to sign the bigger deal getting into the upper teens, that’s going to be a team like Cleveland which has the money and has the interest still.”

The Seahawks Have Repeatedly Said They Have Not Closed the Door on Clowney

The Seahawks have noted on multiple occasions that they have not closed the door on re-signing Clowney, but their actions indicate that it is unlikely that the pass rusher returns to Seattle. The Seahawks signed Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin in free agency with both players expected to play key roles on the defensive line next season. Seattle also signed running back Carlos Hyde to a one-year deal that can be worth as much as $4 million.

As the Seahawks continue to sign more players, the team’s salary cap space is shrinking even if Clowney has a change of heart. Schneider noted after the draft that the team had to “go about our business” after making a “strong pitch” to re-sign Clowney.

“We made a strong push to try to reacquire Jadeveon,” Schneider explained during an interview with Baltimore 105.7 The Fan. “When we made the trade, we had made a trade with Houston where part of the agreement was we would not franchise him as we headed into this offseason. …The longer these negotiations go there is not a ton of urgency on a lot of people’s behalf, really. …We made a strong pitch to try to reacquire him and then we had to have a date to kind of go about our business and continue to build this team. He knows the door is not closed. He did a really nice job for us. Heckuva player, obviously.”

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