Insider Details How Bears’ Rookie Can Make Huge Impact on Offense

Cole Kmet Chicago Bears draft

Getty Chicago Bears rookie tight end Cole Kmet.

Former NFL quarterback and current analyst Chris Simms is very familiar with new Chicago Bears tight end Cole Kmet. Simms, who appears on Pro Football Talk weekdays while also serving as an analyst during the season for NBC on Football Night in America, has also been covering Notre Dame football since 2017. He has spent the last few seasons getting an up close and personal look at the new Bears’ tight end, and Simms has sung Kmet’s praises a number of times.

After the Bears selected Kmet with their first overall pick in the second round of the draft this year, Simms endorsed Kmet in a huge way, comparing the youngster to future Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski.

When Simms appeared on the Under Center podcast this week, he told host J.J. Stankevitz he used the Gronk comparison to showcase Kmet’s potential.

“Yeah. I compared him to Rob Gronkowski. And Rob Gronkowski is the greatest tight end of all-time. But I’m just trying to paint a picture for people out there. Not saying this kid is gonna be that, but he’s got big time potential is what I am saying,” Simms said. He then explained how that big time potential can give the Bears’ offense an immediate boost.

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Simms: Kmet is Better Run-Blocker Than Travis Kelce

“He’s one of the more impressive players, in general, that I’ve seen on the field,” Simms said when Stankevitz asked him what the Bears were getting in Kmet. “To have that size, 6’5 and a half, 260 pounds — and be able to move the way he moves — there are not a lot of people on planet Earth that are that gifted or athletic,” Simms said about Kmet.

Simms also included a laundry list of laudable traits Kmet possesses. “Fluid route-runner. Fearless over the middle with people around him. Really good run-blocker in the run game — and he’s been playing baseball the last few years in the spring, so he hasn’t even gone all in on football yet. Nor do I think he’s done growing and filling out. I’ve met his parents, his dad’s a huge man. I mean, Cole’s going to continue to get bigger.”

Simms also thinks Kmet will bring a physical presence to the offense that hasn’t been there in recent years — especially at the tight end position. “Kmet will be a great advantage in the run game,” Simms said, noting his size and attitude will bring a more “smash mouth football” vibe to the Bears’ o-line. Simms also thinks that Kmet, like Gronk, can get behind linebackers with ease while splitting the safeties, becoming a deadly receiving threat, as well. Defenses will also have to account for him in the red zone.

“If it’s one-on-one and you’re down in the red zone, Cole Kmet is going to be a tremendous red zone target. He is a mis-match nightmare, and [the Bears] will be able to do a lot of the same things Kansas City does with Travis Kelce or Gronkowski and what the Patriots did with him, except he’s a better blocker than Travis Kelce, so I’m very excited about Cole Kmet,” Simms said.

Based on the workouts Kmet has been partaking in this offseason shared by videographer Cameron Good on Instagram, Bears fans have a great deal to be excited about, too.

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