Alleged Racist Past Resurfaces for Oklahoma State HC Mike Gundy

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy racist language

Getty Head coach Mike Gundy of the Oklahoma State Cowboys has found himself in hot water for allegedly racist behavior.

Oklahoma State Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy saw himself get called out by his star player Chuba Hubbard for wearing a One America News (OAN) shirt, and now a troubling article originally printed in a November 1989 issue of the Philadelphia Daily News has resurfaced, in which several former Colorado University players alleged Gundy used racist language during a game against them in 1989.

“I will not stand for this,” Hubbard wrote on Twitter after seeing his head coach sporting an OAN t-shirt on June 15. “This is completely insensitive to everything going on in society, and it’s unacceptable. I will not be doing anything with Oklahoma State until things CHANGE.” OAN is a far-right leaning news network that has decried the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hubbard later apologized for calling Gundy out via Twitter, saying: “I went about it the wrong way by tweeting. I’m not someone that has to tweet something to bring change. I should have went to him as a man. I’m more about action. That was bad on my part. But from now on, we’re going to focus on bringing change and that’s the most important thing.”

For his part, Gundy apologized for wearing the shirt, saying in a statement: “I had a great meeting with our team today. Our players expressed their feelings as individuals and as as team members. They helped me see through their eyes how the t-shirt affected their hearts. Once I learned about how that network felt about Black Lives Matter I was disgusted and knew it was completely unacceptable to me.”

Now, just days later, Professor Louis Moore of Grand Valley State University has Tweeted a snippet of what appears to be a 1989 Philadelphia Daily News article featuring several former college football players alleging Gundy used the “n-word” and other racist language when he was a quarterback for Oklahoma State.

Former College Player on Gundy: ‘He Has No Class’

According to the article shared by Moore, former Colorado free safety Tim James and linebacker Alfred Williams both alleged Gundy used racial slurs. “I can’t count the number of times he used that word,” James said at the time, referring to the ‘n-word.’ “He has no class. There’s no place for that in sports.”

Williams was also blunt in his assessment of Gundy: “I hope not very many people raise their children to be like him. He said things he had no business saying to anybody.”

Gundy denied the allegations at the time. “It’s not true,” Gundy said when he was asked about using racist language then. “They were doing the talking. Why would I say those things? I’ve been here for four years and half my friends [on the team] are black,” he said, invoking the ‘I have black friends so I can’t possibly be racist’ defense.

Gundy has yet to respond to the allegations that have resurfaced about the incident back in 1989, but after the recent talk he had with his team, many are already calling for him to be replaced.

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